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What Are You Doing Out Here (ISBN 978-0473-16331-0)

Heroism and Distress at a Cricket Test

Norman Harris - 2010


What are you doing out here (New Zealand RRP $24.99 plus postage) tells the story of how "two events, continents apart and spread over three days, merged into a moment of profound drama which has echoed through time in New Zealand. They were a cricket Test in South Africa and the railway disaster at Tangiwai [Christmas Eve 1953] which claimed 151 lives including the fiancee of a New Zealand player. The rip-tide of emotion that was unleashed gave rise to a legend, now preserved for posterity by a skilled writer who has meticulously recreated the drama." (96 pp, illustrated.)

What are you doing out here is now available in the United Kingdom from Ian Dyer Books ( ) or from .

The book is also available in Australia from Melbourne bookseller, Roger Page, 10 Ekari Court, Yallambie, Victoria 3085.

South African readers can obtain copies of What are you doing out here from David McLellan, Select Books, 232 Long Street, Cape Town 8001.