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(Updated to April 2013 edition)


“Larnin’ te clip” Clive Dalton – November 2009

A for Attitude (Conor English) – November 2011

A for Attitude Conor English – November 2011

A Good Boss 1880s style – April 2009

A good clean job Roger Leslie – August 2012

A hand on the horn (Roger Leslie) – August 2011

A little bit of nostalgia (Lynley Waddell) – August 2011

Abbot in Argentina – April 2011

ACC - Seat belt myths and safety belts – April 2011

ACC and our Industry – April 2009

Accident Compensation Commission – March 1996

Accident Compensation Commission – contractors want changes - November 1994

Accident Compensation Commission – higher costs for everyone - August 1992

Accident Compensation Commission – Rethink your shearing methods - November 1995

Accident Compensation Commission changes – accident insurance compulsory – March 1999

Accident Compensation Commission gain for contractor – April 2002

Accident Compensation Commission levies still major worry – August 1998

Accident Compensation Commission levies still too high – August 2000

Accident Compensation Commission nightmares ahead – November 1998

Accident Compensation Commission owed $1.4 million – August 1999

Accident Compensation Commission reviews weekly compensation – August 2007

Accident Compensation Commission rules – March 1993

Accident Compensation Commission taking the pain out of shearing – March 1996

Accident Compensation Commission task force on shearing injury rates – March 1996

Accident or misadventure Tony Matthews story – November 2005

Accidents can kill a business – Bill Morrison - March 1995

Accidents waiting to happen in sheds - November 1994

Acto’s new recruits Knight and Wilson – November 2010

Acto-Agriculture – November 1998

Acto-Agriculture and Lance Waddell - March 1995

Acto-Agriculture takes over from NZ Shearing Supplies – November 1992

Acto-Agriculture’s Shear Grunt eliminator – August 2006

Adam Weguelin joins Supershear – April 2005

Advice for green kiwis in UK – November 1990

Africans at world champs – Ian Rutherford – August 1992

AgITO training a skilled safe workforce – April 2006

AgResearch gets new home – April 2007

AgResearch making sheep shearing easier – April 2005

Agrisales Regional Challenge Trophy – March 1993

Agrisales Trophy moves on – November 2000

Agrodome in Japan - March 1994

Aimee McGregor profile – August 2005

Alan and Debbie MacDonald – November 1991

Alan Barker retires – Spring 1987

Alan Goss – Autumn 1985

Alan MacDonald – too near winning too often – August 1990

Alan MacDonald chainsaw injury - November 1994

Alan MacDonald new lamb record 831 - March 1994

Alan MacDonald wins Waimate – November 1990

Alan MacDonald world champion - August 1994

Alan White interview – Summer 1987

Alex Macdonald master blade shearer – August 1998

Alison McNeil MBE – August 2003

Alister Simpson obituary – Summer 1984

All Black shearers – August 2011

All Ireland championships – August 1992

Allan ‘Chips’ Reid profile – November 2005

Allan Hale at the Agrodome – November 2004

Allan Maxwell profile – August 2001

Allan Pretious profile – November 2000

Allen White quits AWC – August 1992

Allowances non taxable – August 1990

Alpacas and llamas – November 1989

Alpacas at Mystery Creek – November 2007

Alpacas Mike Banks gang – November 2007

Alpacas with $400 fleece – March 1997

Alun Williams Listers of Dursley – March 1993

Amazing Maremmas – November 2007

Amazing racer Paul Avery – April 2011

Ammonia build up in sheds – August 1990

Ana Keefe and Jens Leira wedding – April 2002

Ancient shearing table David Grace photo – November 2002

Angelique Gage profile – November 2007

Animal Welfare Act  - August 2010

Ann Robinson, shearers cook - March 1995

Anna Hayes profile – November 2005

Anna Warwick obituary - March 1999

Anne Lloyd photo – August 2004

Annie Keown profile – March 1996

Annual Omarama pool competition – November 2012

Another 20, no prob – August 2012

Another Wolseley medal (Tony Ogden) – November 2012

Ant Frew young man on the rise – August 2007

Applying science to merino wool – April 2004

Apprentice road trip to Goldies – April 2008

Argyle memories – August 2003

Aria show’s new shed – March 1998

Aroha Garvin Master Woolhandler - August 1995

Aroha Newby clean sweep – March 1992

Arthur Freeman/Fred Knokes down in Kent – November 1991

As Middleton remarked (poem) – November 2011

Aussie Angoras (Gillgren) – November 2011

Aussie Angoras (Mark Gillgren) – November 2011

Aussie Carrington Coleraine Incident – Summer 1984

Aussie Hall of Fame Inductees – April 2011

Aussie hall of fame inductees (Cahill, Congdon, Orgill) – April 2011

Aussie nationals 2011 – November 2011

Australia – national contests on the way – March 1996

Australia and New Zealand shearers – differences – Autumn 1985

Australia prepares for world championships - March 1995

Australia’s Shrek and Herb Hutchins – April 2005

Australian championships Armidale – November 1998

Australian contests – November 1992

Australian contests – Warrnambool – August 1990

Australian contractor impressed with NZ Shears – Autumn 1987

Australian demand for Kiwi shearers – May 1989

Australian floods – Joe Paewai – August 1990

Australian floods of 1974 (O’Malley) – August 2004

Australian National championship results – November 2011

Australian nationals at Armidale – November 2000

Australian nationals at Hay preview – August 2006

Australian nationals Millicent – November 2005

Australian news – August 1992

Australian news shearers chasing work - November 1994

Australian rates and conditions – March 1991

Australian rumblings about kiwi shearers – August 1991

Australian shearers gain another $2.00 – August 1996

Australian shearers in Penthouse magazine – Autumn 1985

Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame – April 2007

Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame – March 1999

Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame induction – August 2007

Australian style training – Spring 1988

Australian tax 15% - August 1995

Australian Union news – March 1992

Australian Union news – March 1993

Australian Union places test ban – Autumn 1985

Australians getting act together – Autumn 1988

Australians too good at Esperance – November 2003

Autumn Shears to Royal Show – November 2003

Avery just coasting – April 2012

Avery One Two Three – August 2000

Avery wins Golden Shears – April 2005

Avery wins New Zealand championships - August 1995

Avery wins NZ Championships – April 2007

Avoca 1983 – August 2012

Award and holidays – August 1993

Award conditions debated – Autumn 1985

Award Special NZ Workers Union – Summer 1987

Awards rates up 7% - November 1989

Awassi flock building in Hawkes Bay – November 1997

AWI – mulesing on the way out – April 2008

AWI has new CEO (Stuart McCullough) – August 2010

AWI mulesing on the way out – April 2008

AWU claim makes Kiwis “giants” – August 1993

AWU laying aside the past – April 2006

Back pain – helpful exercises – March 1992

Back pain research – August 1999

Back support Stan Brough – March 1992

Back to basics in grinding – April 2010

Back to work after injury – August 2002

Badly stitched bales – August 2009

Balancing the books Vanessa Hira – November 2004

Bale weights – Summer 1986

Ballantynes, Aria’s award-winning farmers – April 2010

Barbara Keenan - My name was Cookie – August 2005

Bards Ballads and Bulldust – April 2008

Bards ballads and Bulldust Festival – November 2008

Barrett wins Aussie Nationals – November 2001

Barry Taylor top class – November 2003

Barry Taylor wins Alexandra – November 1992

Barry Taylor wins Alexandra – November 1998

Basil Hodgkinson obituary – August 1998

Bateman & Grant record – November 2007

Bath and West Show 1988 – Spring 1988

Baynes family born to shear – November 2007

Baynes family born to shear – November 2007

Baynes women add to shearing folklore – April 2009

Beats living on the streets (Tom Harding) – November 2011

Beats living on the streets (Tom Harding) – November 2011

Benefit abuse angers Union – August 1990

Benneydale smiles on St Johns – November 2002

Bernadine Shelford WoolPro certificate – August 1999

Bernie Walker building bridges - March 1995

Best Dressed (Milton Taylor poem) April 2013

Best little run in the land Emma Welch – April 2006

Better contract and new benefits – November 1991

Big bucks in the Bay speedshear – August 2003

Big Five-O at Alex – November 2011

Big Jo Lamont profile – August 2004

Big shed tallies Keith Wilson and John Conlan – March 2000

Big sheep – Dave Stansbury at Opoitki – March 1990

Bill brings blades to Aria – April 2004

Bill Burton farewell shearing – November 2011

Bill Burton final shearing photo essay – November 2011

Bill Chrystal problems in pumice – March 1992

Bill Goldsworthy’s comb collection – November 1999

Bill Higgins tribute – November 1992

Bill Jones obituary – November 2001

Bill Meech obituary – November 1997

Bill Michelle coming right after injury – November 2000

Bill Michelle wins blazer – November 2004

Bill Morrison – Accidents can kill a business - March 1995

Bill Morrison – maintaining standards overseas – Autumn 1986

Bill Morrison – serious concerns about work ethic – Autumn 1988

Bill Morrison obituary – November 2007

Bill Morrison profile – Spring 1987

Bill Regnault of Massey - November 1994

Bill Richards “Three Knights in a Day” – August 2010

Bill Richards obituary - November 1995

Bill Richards Three Knights in a Day – August 2010 

Bill Richards writes Off the Sheep’s back – Autumn 1987

Bill Sheppard profile – April 2004

Bing Macdonald obituary – August 2004

BISCA shearing personality of the year – November 2006

Bishop Hapai Winiata – August 1990

Black and Stansbury two-stand record – November 2002

Black face ewe shearing – Sandra Hedley – November 1997

Black shearers show their skill – November 1993

Blade shearing in 2000 – November 2000

Blade shearing in the States –  March 1994

Blade shears sharpening and setting - November 1995

Blade shears to the fore Omarama 2000– November 2000

Blade silence like music – November 2001

Blades in the big smoke – August 1997

Blades making – Burgon and Ball – August 1992

Block out the noise Angus Moore – November 2009

Blood bins and rickety steps – August 2002

Blood sucking parasites (Roger Leslie) – November 2011

Blood Sweat and Shears DVD – April 2012

Blood testing at competitions – August 1989

Blood-sucking parasites (Roger Leslie) – November 2011

Bloody proud to be a Kiwi – April 2011

Blows over the backbone – Summer 1987

Board to Bank Jamie McKnight – November 2002

Boards Blades and Barebellies book review – Autumn 1988

Bob Gunson letter – November 2009

Bob Michie Master Shearer – Autumn 1986

Bob Michie wool buyer – August 1997

Bobby Dowling profile – April 2013

Boil-up – In praise of – March 1990

Bonnie Fogerty at Mangatoitoi – November 2006

Bonnie Morrison profile – August 2006

Bonus for woolhandlers – March 1999

Book review - Across the Board – April 2005

Book review - Barefoot in the Valley – November 2002

Book review - Blue Jeans back in print – March 2001

Book review - Boards, Blades and Barebellies – Autumn 1988

Book review - Buli Basha Witi Ihimaera - November 1994

Book review - Campbell Island musterer – August 2004

Book review - Drenching for worms – Clive Dalton – April 2006

Book review - Frederick York Wolseley – August 2009

Book review - John Allan Story – April 2008

Book review - Keeping sheep made easy (Dalton) – August 2004

Book review - Kevin Sarre story – August 2002

Book review - Last Side to Glory – March 1991

Book review – Memoirs of a shearer (Ray Rose) – November 2008

Book review - Mountain men – August 2008

Book review - Shear Hard Work – April 2010

Book review - Shearers Motel - March 1994

Book review - Shearers, Sheds and Stories – August 2005

Book review - Stitched Up – April 2009

Book review - Tales from the Shearing Sheds – August 1999

Book review - Tatau Tatau – Spring 1988

Book review - The Lister Story

Book review - The Ozone – August 2009

Book review - Three Sheep and a Dog – November 1999

Book review - Thumbnail Dipped in Tar – August 2005

Book review – Top Class Wool Cutters – August 1996

Book review – Top Class Wool Cutters – March 1996

Book review - Woolshed Yarns of the Wakatipu – April 2007

Book review (Brough, Newton, Jim Davidson) – November 2011

Book review 100 Maori sports heroes – November 2012

Book review Australia’s Iconic Sheds – November 2011

Book review Case of the missing bloodstain – August 2012

Book review Faces in the Firelight – August 2010

Book review Faces in the Firelight (Phil Garland) – August 2010

Book review Laurie Keats A lucky life – April 2012

Book review Shear History – August 2010

Book review Shear History 50 Years of Golden Shears – August 2010

Book review Stonehenge – April 2012

Book review Woolsheds – April 2013

Book review Woolsheds – November 2011

Book reviews – The way it Was, NZ Merino Shears, Jim Davidson – November 2011

Boost for sheep research – August 2003

Bowen Trophy to David Fagan - August 1994

Bowen’s big day out 50 years ago – April 2003

Branding bales – August 1993

Breaking records – Fagan and MacDonald – March 1991

Breast abscesses painful and serious - August 1995

Bren Vowles obituary – March 1997

Brendon Potae in-shed training – November 199

Brent Allen obituary – March 1998

Brent Gow looks back on 25 years woolhandling – Autumn 1986

Brent Gow obituary - November 1994

Brent Johnstone’s big day out – March 2000

Brian Campbell blade shearing in the States - March 1994

Brian Cavanough merino lamb record – November 1997

Brian Edmonds at Golden Shears – April 2010

Brian Quinn and Supermum cover photo - November 2007

Brian Waterson book review – March 1999

British challengers for world champs – March 1992

British judging Robert Harkness letter – November 2007

Bronwyn Tango wins world woolhandling title – August 2010

Bronwyn Tango world champion – August 2010

Brough’s lightweight back aid – August 1990

Bruce Abbott in Argentina – April 2011

Bruce Arcus profile – April 2013

Bruce Deegan wins Diamond Shears – Spring 1988

Bruce Gould obituary – November 1993

Bruce Reeves gym master – August 1991

Bruce Tinnock retires – March 1996

Brucellosis in Europe – March 1991

Budgeting wise words from Wally- March 1996

Burgon and Ball ancient skills – August 1992

Burney wins Alexandra senior title – Summer 1986

Buying a handpiece – 10 points to watch – November 1993

Cacophonic pandemonium – April 2011

Cacophonic pandemonium Roger Leslie – April 2011

Calgary loves Kiwis – April 2003

Caltex circuit and Stephen Dodds – Summer 1984

Cam Ferguson wins world championship – August 2010

Cambridge Speed Shear promises action aplenty – August 2002

Campaign for Wool – November 2010

Campaign for Wool – November 2012

Can ewe believe this? – April 2007

Canine Master of Arts – August 2008

Canterbury woolscourers staff – August 2011

Capless pack problem – March 1993

Capless packs – another look – May 1989

Capless packs how to use them – August 1988

Capless packs making life easier – August 1989

Car crash claims three lives in Southland - August 1994

Carl Nordqvist profile – April 2004

Carole McLachlan – tasty lunch – May 1989

Carterton slips into history – November 2001

Cartwright Terry returns to Cambridge – April 2004

Cartwright Terry speedshear blitz – March 2000

Casualties – getting back to work – August 1996

Catching up with Bill & Viki Jones – November 2000

CD review Damper Duff and Doughboys – August 2012

Centennial shows Opotiki and Wairoa – March 1997

Central Hawkes Bay shearers work for new stand – August 2001

Centralisation helps wool brokers – Summer 1986

Century of change at Killeen – August 2011

Century of change at Killeen – August 2011

Ceramic cutters – April 2005

Ceramics cut through the crap – August 2005

Challenge for Bruce Walker - March 2001

Change at top for Shearing Sports – August 2003

Change your name to win Golden Shears – November 2009

Changes at top for Sports Shear Australia – November 2012

Charlie Brophy obituary – November 1996

Check that contract – August 2000

Check your gear at the border – November 2002

Check your holiday pay - November 1995

Chemicals go from sheds – August 1999

Chinese gear – Kiwi know-how – August 1997

Chinese gear market hots up – August 1999

Chris Hancock wins Alexandra - November 1994

Chris Lascelles returns – April 2012

Chris Millar obituary - March 1995

Chris Minke new Heiniger manager – August 2002

Chris Teutenberg obituary - August 1995

Chris Thurston Presser – November 2008

Chris Toet mad marathon shear – April 2005

Chrissy Ropata 33 years in shearing – August 2001

Christchurch Corriedale 1984 – Summer 1984

Clarke and Avery in Perth – November 1997

Clash of legends at Tara – August 1997

Claude Waite Obituary – August 2000

Claude Waite recalls depression days – November 1993

Click go the seat belts – April 2010

Clifford Hawk breeding them small – August 2003

Clifford Hawk coming back – August 2001

Clifford Hawk’s big sheep - March 1994

Clint Ratima obituary – August 2006

Clive Powell, Welsh uncle – November 1997

Cody Waihape profile – November 2004

Coleraine Incident Aussie Carrington – Summer 1984

Colin Frog Potae obituary – April 2013

Colin King at the Beehive – August 2007

Colin King MNZM photo – August 2000

Colin King on Meat Board – March  2001

Colin King profile – August 1998

Colin King re-elected to Parliament – November 2008

Colin King shearing instructor – March 1996

Colin King wins Waimate – Spring 2007

Colin MacGregor profile – March 2000

Collective contract – August 1993

Collective contracts – March 1993

Collective Employment Contract 1997 – August 1997

Collectors get together in Australia – August 2005

Commonwealth Games shearing – August 1989

Competition programme 2009 – November 2008

Competition rankings – August 1996

Competition roundup 1997 – March 1997

Competition summary north and south - November 1994

Competition woolhandling – (Shelford) – March 1990

Competitions – quality the key (Colin King) - August 1989

Competitions – Summer 1984

Competitions preview 1988 – Spring 1987

Completely useless but interesting facts – November 2000

Computer security tips March 2001

Computers in the shearing shed – Summer 1986

Conlan team in trouble at home – Autumn 1987

Contamination – August 2000

Contests north and south – March 1990

Contract and Open Sheds Grouped – August 2000

Contractors “rolling over” – November 1998

Contractors face higher ACC premiums - August 1995

Contractors feeling the pinch – November 1997

Contractors liable for first weeks pay – ACC – November 1997

Contractors lift profile with politicians – Autumn 1986

Contractors meet at Taupo – August 1996

Contractors seek changes to ACC – November 1992

Contractors tell ACC to get act together! – Autumn 1987

Contractors want ACC changes – November 1994

Contractors’ – court rules on holiday pay – August 1996

Contractors’ Association – officers elected – August 1996

Contractors’ Association and wages rates – August 1996

Contractors’ conference – Autumn 1985

Contractors’ conference (Elbert De Koning) – Summer 1986

Contractors’ conference (John Lawton) August 1991

Contractors’ conference photos – August 2003

Contracts important – Peter Lyon – March 1996

Contracts that work – March 1999

Controlling comb hardness - November 1994

Conversing with Kokomo – November 2004

Corwen Shears 1989 – November 1989

Countdown to Golden Jubilee – November 2009

Courses for woolhandlers – March 1993

Cover photo Ainsley gang at Minty’s – August 2007

Cover photo Alan MacDonald - August 1990

Cover photo Alex Sole - November 1992

Cover photo Audrey Tamanui - March 1997

Cover photo Audrey Tamanui and Kerri Capill – November 2001

Cover photo Awassis - November 1997

Cover photo Barry Taylor - November 1998

Cover photo Bill Birch and David Fagan - March 1991

Cover photo Bill Morrison – November 2007

Cover photo Bill Morrison - Spring 1987

Cover photo Bjerkreim Norway - August 2006

Cover photo Colin King wired for sound - August 1999

Cover photo Dave Carr and Glenallen crew - November 2004

Cover photo David Fagan - Summer 1984

Cover photo David Fagan and Rodney Sutton – March 2001

Cover photo David Fagan with Bowen Trophy - August 1994

Cover photo Dion Morrell November 2002

Cover photo Don Davies gang at Greta Paddocks - November 1993

Cover photo Edsel Forde record crew - March 1992

Cover photo Elliott Ntsombo - November 1995

Cover photo Emily Welch – April 2008

Cover photo Fagan and Walsh - August 1992

Cover photo Fagan Shelford Ball - March 1998

Cover photo Fagan world champion - Autumn 1988

Cover photo Gillgren family - November 1996

Cover photo Gina Nathan and Gloria Shelford – August 2001

Cover photo Gran Bolitho - March 2000

Cover photo Grant & Lyn Smith – November 2000

Cover photo Gus Hills Red Rig gang – August 2002

Cover photo Her Majesty and Delwyn Jones – August 2004

Cover photo Huia Whyte-Puna – April 2007

Cover photo Ian Wratten - November 1991

Cover photo Ivan Bowen – April 2003

Cover photo Ivan Bowen – April 2003

Cover photo Ivan Letchford – August 2008

Cover photo Jack Condon - November 1989

Cover photo Jakob Birzer - August 1991

Cover photo Jamie Fleming - March 1999

Cover photo Jillian Burney - Summer 1986

Cover photo Joanne Kumeroa and Tina Rimene - August 2005

Cover photo John Hackshaw - November 1994

Cover photo John Kennedy and Nathan Stratford - November 2005

Cover photo John Kirkpatrick – April 2002

Cover photo Lowry Tahau/NZ team - November 1990

Cover photo MacDonald/Bowen/Samuels - March 1994

Cover photo Michelle Harrex - August 1998

Cover photo Mike Bool gang at Glenmore – November 2003

Cover photo Morrell and Pardoe - March 1995

Cover photo Morrison/Hayes/Avery - March 1990

Cover photo Mount Linton – Takitimu Mountains  - April 2006

Cover photo NZ team at world champs – August 2003

Cover photo Paul Avery and Colin Meads – April 2005

Cover photo Paul Avery and friends - August 2000

Cover photo Paul Avery and friends – August 2000

Cover photo Paul Avery world champion – November 2008

Cover photo Peter Clendon - August 1989

Cover photo Peter Race and Miss Sth Africa - August 1993

Cover photo Ric Pivac - March 1993

Cover photo Roger Cox – Autumn 1986 

Cover photo Sarre family – April 2004

Cover photo Selwyn Biddick gang - August 1996

Cover photo Shannon Warnest - November 1999

Cover photo Shearing robot - Spring 1988

Cover photo sheep in snow - August 1995

Cover photo Shelford/Pivac/Mullins - Autumn 1987

Cover photo Stephen Dodds - Autumn 1985

Cover photo Tom Wilson - March 1996

Cover photo Training at Flock House - August 1997

Cresswells Terry and Svarn – November 2005

Crossing the Conway River 1945 – August 1996

Cutters angles and centre posts – March 2000

Czech method of shearing – August 1993

Daddy’s Drysdales (Clive Dalton) – November 2012

Daggers defend their work Morrell record - March 1995

Dale Aagard party – November 1999

Dale Aagard reunion – March 2000

Dale Aagard reunion – November 1998

Dan Dawson from Oregon – November 1999

Dan Duggan – shearers quarters need improvement – Summer 1986

Dan Duggan replies re sackings – Autumn 1985

Danger in those old dips – August 2002

Danny Andrew dies in house fire – November 1992

Danny Holland true sportsman – April 2010

Danny Scott obituary – April 2008

Darcene Ruru wool presser – April 2011

Darin Forde wins Merino Shears – November 1999

Darin Forde’s world record – March 1997

Darryl Keenan in Japan – March 1993

Darryn Murray takes over from Jim Malcolm – November 2002

Dave Bateman obituary – August 2011

Dave Collet photo at Lochernhead Shears – April 2002

Dave Grant and Laurie Bateman record – November 2007

Dave Matthews profile – November 1998

Dave Stansbury – big sheep at Opotiki – March 1990

Dave Stansbury and Chips Reid recognised – August 2010

Dave Summers joins Supershear – November 2003

Dave Turner interview – April 2008

David Fagan – I’ll be around a while yet! – November 1992

David Fagan Maniapoto Sportsman of Year – November 1991

David Fagan ONZM – August 2007

David Fagan receives MNZM photo – November 1999

David Fagan wins 6th Golden Shears – March 1994

David Fagan wins Bowen Trophy - August 1994

David Fagan wins Waimate - November 1995

David Fagan wins Waimate 1993 – November 1993

David Gollan Colorado experience – November 2008

David Grace memorable pics – August 2000

David Hunt – Sunbeam’s new combs

David Hunt 10 wins in a row – March 1993

David Prince obituary – August 1999

David Stuart study of shearing – March 1993

David Taylor Sunbeam gear – Spring 1988

Dawson Biggs profile – March 1990

DB National championship – August 1997

Dean King wins Australian title – November 2000

Dean Te Huia unusual handpiece grip – November 1993

Deano packs bags for Scotland – April 2003

Death on country roads – November 1996

Decent toilets via health and safety plans? - August 2006

Deer velvet popular – November 2000

Delwyn Jones – August 2004

Denise Murray bright prospect – April 2011

Denise Murray profile – April 2011

Denniss family profile – August 2012

Derek Kirkland profile – August 1999

Derek Kirkland releases CD – November 2009

Des Cook obituary – August 1997

Des Williams keeping track of winners – August 1992

Diabolical dunnies – March 1998

Diamond Shears Bruce Deegan – Spring 1988

Dianne Bramley shearing judge – August 1990

Dick Power 50 years shearing – March 1998

Dig Balme the flyer – August 1993

Dig Balme wins Hec Oliver trophy – August 2006

Dion King wins Golden Shears – April 2006

Dion Morrell Master Shearer – August 2003

Dion Morrell merino ewe record at Tarras – November 1997

Dion Morrell new ewe record 679 - March 1994

Dion Morrell wins Esperance - November 1994

Dion Morrell world record 716 at Wairaki - March 1995

Dion Morrell world record rough road to ratification - March 1995

Dip laden wool - November 1994

Direct bargaining in Victoria – November 1992

Disease a danger for shearers – August 2001

Disqualification rule relaxed – August 2005

Do it once, do it right (Alan Marshall) – November 1999

Dobbs wins 11th NZ blade title - November 1995

Doggone apologies Robbie – April 2012

Doing it for the vets Elaine Bristol – April 2012

Don Davies obituary – November 1996

Don Lambert profile – November 1998

Don Moffat life member Otago – November 2007

Don’t lose your marbles Clive Dalton – August 2007

Don’t under-estimate your skills - November 1994

Donkeys to the rescue – April 2013

Donny Hammond retires – November 2000

Doogan’s camp Blue Jeans poem – April 2009

Dorset crew goes drug free – March 2000

Dorset six-stand record – March 1992

Doug Ayson’s art – November 1998

Doug Bryant dies - November 1994

Doug Herbison profile – November 2005

Doug Kidd ACC Minister – rethink your shearing methods - November 1995

Doug Laing new SSNZ publicity man – August 2008

Doug Lambie shearer training in the Falklands – April 2011

Doug Rathke digs deep – November 2009

Doug Rathke honoured – April 2005

Down in Kent Arthur Freeman/Fred Knokes – November 1991

Drafting gate invention – August 2008

Drawing of stands for finals - November 1994

Dreaming of a brown Christmas – April 2008

Drink more water shearers! – November 1999

Drinking and not thinking – August 2012

Drinking enough water? Simple test – August 1991

Drug testing – April 2002

Drug testing (the big white van) – April 2012

Drug testing Sports Drug Agency - March 1999

Drugs out for SSNZ competitors – August 2001

Drugs Time for line in the sand – November 2010

Duncan Ashcroft paralysed – November 1996

Dutch do it differently Selma Pel – August 2002

Dwayne Black re-writing record book – November 2004

Dwayne Black scientific testing – August 2005

Dwayne Black tiger for punishment – November 2005

Dwayne Black’s big day – November 2001

Early precedents for sticking together (Union) – November 2006

East Loddon woolshed – August 2007

Eat drink and be healthy – August 1999

Eat your words, mate – November 2012

Ecological price of meat – November 2003

Eddie Maguire profile – March 1990

Edible wool – November 2011

Edith Grut Waimate – November 1989

Edsel Forde fifth SISOY – March 1992

Edsel Forde interview – May 1989

Edsel Forde open letter draws rebuke - August 1994

Edsel Forde world record – March 1992

Edwin Perry wuda shuda cuda – April 2012

Elbert and Jim’s tradition continues – November 2002

Elbert De Koning contractors’ conference – Summer 1986

Elbert de Koning retires - November 1994

Elders Primary Wool applauds win – April 2006

Electric wool presses – March 1994

Eli Cummings 810 fundraiser – April 2011

Eliza Forlonge – November 2002

Elsie Lyon, Raelene Howes woolhandling in South Africa - March 1994

Elvis at Dannevirke – August 2008

Emery how it works – August 1993

Emily Welch smashes record – April 2008

Employing seasonal workers – IRD – November 2002

Employment Agreements – Barry Pullin – April 2006

Employment Contracts Act – August 1991

Employment Contracts Bill – March 1991

Employment flexibility – August 2008

Employment Law reforms – April 2005

Empty seat at bargaining table – April 2005

Empty sheep before shearing – August 2011

Empty sheep for shearing – August 2011

Empty sheep for shearing MWI – November 2002

Encounter with epilepsy – November 1989

End in sight for second cuts – August 2002

Entertainers and shearing shows – April 2013

Entry to Britain still tough - August 1995

Epilepsy encounter – November 1989

Eric Solomon Work with wool – November 2004

Ernie Mason almost expelled from shearing school – August 2007

Errowanbang – April 2013

Esperance comes of age – November 1992

Esperance shears report - November 1995

Euroa Trans-Tasman test – Summer 1984

Everything you need to know from the Ark – April 2009

Ewen Mackintosh profile – November 1997

Expenses claims open sheds – May 1989

Face lift for Golden Shears venue – November 2001

Fagan – The shear of my life – Autumn 1988

Fagan and Ball tested in UK – August 2005

Fagan and King win at Perth – November 1993

Fagan and King win at Perth - November 1994

Fagan compares with the rest – August 2002

Fagan dominates New Zealand championships – August 1999

Fagan in the UK – August 1990

Fagan in the UK 1989 – August 1989

Fagan record attempts lambs and ewes – March 1993

Fagan shears first 700 - March 1994

Fagan triumph art NZ Shears – Autumn 1988

Fagan wins 10th Golden Shears – March 1998

Fagan wins Golden Shears – April 2003

Fagan wins Waimate 1996 – November 1996

Fagan world record 700 - March 1994

Fagan/Forde win again in Perth – November 1991

Fagan’s famous final fling? – April 2006

Fagan’s fifteenth pretty good! – April 2004

Fagans lead rankings - August 1995

Fair Go, Sport – November 2009

Falkland Islands – Murray Christie - August 1994

Falling through the cracks – August 2005

Families in competitions – March 1998

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Funds raised for Pike River – April 2011

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Gang photo – Adrian Cox at Otematata Station – November 1993

Gang photo - Alan Clarke at ?? – April 2003

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Gang photo - Bill Shaw in Falkland Islands – April 2005

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Gang photo - Bill Sheppard at Kurow – April 2004

Gang photo – Bill Sheppard at Otematata – November 2008

Gang photo - Brian Quinn at Leaning Rock – November 1999

Gang photo – Bruce Schlaepfer at Waikato Heads - March 1995

Gang photo – Cheryll Traill at Alfredton – August 1996

Gang photo - Chris Munro at Glen Nui – November 2006

Gang photo - Collins Brown at Lagoon Hills – August 2002

Gang photo – Collins Brown at Martinborough – March 1997

Gang photo - Culshaw Shearing at Raupunga - November 2005

Gang photo - Dahm and Brough at Glenbrook – April 2006

Gang photo - Dale Taylor at Flaxhills – April 2009

Gang photo - Darryl Roberts – August 1990

Gang photo - Darryl Roberts at Happy Valley – August 2000

Gang photo - Daryl Ainsley at Lindis Crossing – November 1997

Gang photo – Daryl Ainsley at Merivale Station – November 1997

Gang photo – Daryl Roberts at Raynham Station – November 1993

Gang photo - Dave Cotton at Waipori Farm – August 2002

Gang photo - Dave Davan at Aurere – August 2002

Gang photo - Dave Davan at Pakaraka – April 2006

Gang photo - Dave Davan at Pakaraka – November 2006

Gang photo – Denny Lawrence at Vinegar Hill - March 1995

Gang photo – Don Davies at Mendip Hills – August 1996

Gang photo – Don Davies at Overshiels – August 1996

Gang photo - Eastern Shearing at Currie’s Rosehill – April 2006

Gang photo - Eddie Maihi – April 2006

Gang photo - Emma Welch Plateau Shearing – November 2005

Gang photo - Foster gang – April 2008

Gang photo – George Tipu gang at Mangaweka – March 1992

Gang photo – Goose and Thomell at Rakaia Gorge – November 1998

Gang photo - GT Shearing at Rangatira – March 2000

Gang photo - Hape gang at White Rock Station – April 2007

Gang photo - Hape Partnership at Brooklands Station – August 2004

Gang photo – Hoki Wesche’s gang at Blackmount – March 1992

Gang photo – Jeff Donaldson gang at Rangitata – November 1991

Gang photo - Jeff Dorset at Mangakino – March 2000

Gang photo – Jeff Dorsett at Waikite Valley - March 1994

Gang photo - Jim Barnett at Ohau Downs – April 2003

Gang photo – Jim Godbold at Waimaha Station - March 1995

Gang photo - Jim Malcolm at Mt Linton – November 2000

Gang photo - Joe Mogford at Waewaepa Station – April 2005

Gang photo – John Coley gang – November 1992

Gang photo - John Conlan (Oz) – August 2005

Gang photo - John Cotching at Guthrie’s Station – March 1998

Gang photo – John Coudret at Cromwell – November 1992

Gang photo – John Harrison at Parapara - March 1994

Gang photo – John Hart gang at Upton Fells – November 1991

Gang photo - John Lawton at Glenlapa Station – November 1990

Gang photo - John Stringer at Bendu Station – November 2001

Gang photo - John Stringer at Glen Caine – November 2001

Gang photo - Keith Foster at Peel Forest – April 2008

Gang photo - Kelman & Butcher – November 2000

Gang photo – Kelman Race gang at Birdwood Station - March 1994

Gang photo – Kerry Brannigan Gang at Havelock North – November 1993

Gang photo – Kerry Nolan gang, Weka Pass – August 1996

Gang photo - Kiwis in Wales – November 1997

Gang photo - Lane McSkimming at Tangarakau Gorge – November 1998

Gang photo - Lane McSkimming at Whakarua – March 1998

Gang photo - Lee Matson – November 1996

Gang photo - Lee Matson (2 gangs) – November 1992

Gang photo - Les Te Kanawa at Marokopa - March 1994

Gang photo - Liz Robinson at Hurakia Station - November 1994

Gang photo - locals at Mt Nessing – November 1991

Gang photo - Lyon/Morrison at Tautane – March 1997

Gang photo - Mackintosh at Motukawa – April 2003

Gang photo - Mackintosh at Otiwhiti – August 2004

Gang photo - Maniototo Combined at McMillan Farm – November 2006

Gang photo - Maraki Gang, East Coast – March 1996

Gang photo - Mark Baldwin (Oz) at Gippsland – April 2004

Gang photo - Mark Baldwin (Oz) at Urella Downs – April 2004

Gang photo - Mark Baldwin at Tocumwal –November 2005

Gang photo - Maurice Forde gang at Pukemaori – March 1992

Gang photo - McConachie at Ryal Bush – November 2002

Gang photo - McConachie gang at Waikaia – March 1997

Gang photo - Michael Roxburgh at Balclutha – August 2008

Gang photo - Mike Bool at Berwen – November 1992

Gang photo - Mike Bool at Berwen Station – November 1993

Gang photo - Mike Bool at Omarama – November 2003

Gang photo - Mike Henderson at Oneriri – August 2005

Gang photo - Mike Marshall at Hunterville - March 1995

Gang photo - Moriarty Shearing at Barcaldine (NZ) – August 2004

Gang photo - Nalders at Takaka Hill – August 2006

Gang photo - Neil Fagan at Mangapehi – April 2007

Gang photo - Nigel Shirley at Lorne Park Station – November 2000

Gang photo - Norman Roos at Roxburgh – November 2003

Gang photo - open shed crew at Curtins – November 2003

Gang photo – Pat Hodges at Rata Hills – November 1997

Gang photo - Paul Kahukura at Naylor’s – November 2006

Gang photo – Paul Kelly at Utiku – March 1997

Gang photo - Peter Bruce at Hydeholme Station – August 1999

Gang photo – Peter Corder at Leslie Downs - November 1995

Gang photo – Peter Corder at Richmond Station – November 1993

Gang photo – Peter Corder gang at Les Scott’s – November 1991

Gang photo – Peter Lyon at Earnscleugh – November 1991

Gang photo – Peter Lyon at Loch Linnhe - November 1994

Gang photo – Peter Lyon at Mount Nicholas - March 1997

Gang photo - Peter Lyon at Stonehenge – November 2007

Gang photo - Peter Lyon at Waikerikeri Valley – November 2004

Gang photo - Peter Lyon at Walter Peak – November 2002

Gang photo - Peter Lyon gang – November 2007

Gang photo – Peter Lyon rugby team – November 1990

Gang photo - Philip Skewes (Oz) – August 2005

Gang photo - Pork Hutchison’s gang at Mohakatino Station – April 2002

Gang photo – Potae at Cloverdowns – August 1998

Gang photo - Potae Shearing – April 2008

Gang photo - Potae Shearing at Dodds property – April 2008

Gang photo - Potaes at Argyle 1962 – August 2003

Gang photo - Potaes at Beaumont Station – November 2003

Gang photo - Pullin Shearing at Homebush – August 2007

Gang photo - Ratimas – August 2004

Gang photo – Reg Benjamin at Waitotara - November 1995

Gang photo – Rei Rangiawha at Euraba Station, Qld. – August 1992

Gang photo - Richardson mobile shed – August 1999

Gang photo - Rob Deverall at McCarrolls – April 2003

Gang photo - Rob Parkinson at Ruatiti – November 2006

Gang photo - Robertsons at Mount Gowrie – August 2003

Gang photo - Roger Neil gang – April 2008

Gang photo - Ron Davis Glenary – November 1999

Gang photo - Ronnie Hill Blades at Huxley Station – November 2001

Gang photo – Ronny Davis woolhandlers at Glenary – August 1999

Gang photo - Ronny Hill at Glenary – November 1998

Gang photo – Ross Kelman Gang at Ben Avon – November 1993

Gang photo – Sam Win at Lake Brunner - March 1995

Gang photo - Samson Te Whata at Irishman’s Creek (Oz) – November 2005

Gang photo - Scott Wills at Dunsdale – March 1999

Gang photo – Simon Hawkins at Pirinoa – March 1990

Gang photo – Snow Quinn at Leaning Rock – November 1997

Gang photo - Sonny Marshall at Tapps – November 2002

Gang photo - Spain & Smith at Birchwood – November 2001

Gang photo - Spain & Smith at Te Mara Station – August 2002

Gang photo – Stan Hiroti at Matakanui - March 1999

Gang photo - Stringers at Dome Hills – April 2004

Gang photo – Te Huias at Moawhango – March 1997

Gang photo - Terry Renner – August 1991

Gang photo - Tom Dodds (Norway) – August 2000

Gang photo – Trevor Condon at Raetehi - March 1994

Gang photo – Trevor Erskine gang at Tuatapere – March 1998

Gang photo - Tuta Wilkie – November 2007

Gang photo - Tuta Wilkie at Manga Station – November 2007

Gang photo – Wai Whitiwhiti at Pouakani Station - March 1994

Gang photo - Warren Stirling at Boggy Burn – November 2003

Gang photo – Warren Stirling at Glencarirn – March 1999

Gang photo - Warren Stirling at Keens – November 2003

Gang photo – Warwick Curtis at Terewhiti – March 1990

Gang photo Poverty Bay Shearing at Tangihau – April 2009

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Lachie Nixon pressing memories – April 2011

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Licenced to Quad – August 2011

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Mason’s Bay woolshed – August 2007

Master blaster caste in plaster – November 2005

Master shearers Balme, Ball, Sutton, Kirkpatrick  - August 2007

Master Woolhandler criteria – August 1991

Master woolhandlers  McKenzie & Puna - March 1994

Masterful Morrell wins Alex – November 2002

Matthew Tuhakaraina – March 1992

Matthew Tyree obituary – August 1993

Maurin Schlumberger, shearing in France – August 1990

Mavis chairs Te Huarahi Tika Trust – November 2002

Mavis Mullins – putting pride in the shed – May 1989

Mavis Mullins manager at Toowoomba – April 2005

Mavis Mullins win Golden Shears – Autumn 1987

Mavis top manager Maori Sports Awards – April 2006

MBS swing Elsia Biernacki – April 2004

McSkimmings on the netball – November 2002

Measuring wool bulk – Spring 1987

Meat and Wool junior circuits – August 2006

Meat quality overseas buyers fussy – Summer 1986

Megahy recognised in Northern Ireland – April 2004

Megan Wilson – art and shearing – November 1992

Mendip Hills shearing – August 1989

Mental preparation for success Ken Hodge - August 1994

Merino NZ promotes change – March 1999

Merino shearers at Palliser – August 1998

Merino shearing course Blairich Station – August 1997

Methven Show pix – August 2005

Mic Nooroa master woolhandler – November 1996

Michael Hegglin Golden Shears senior champion – Autumn 1986

Michelle Anderson profile – March 1990

Michelle Harrex win South African title – August 1998

Michelle Harrex wins Omarama – November 1999

Mick McMaster – making the money go round – March 1996

Mid stage dangerous for left handers - November 1994

Mike Bool profile – November 2003

Mike Martindale 20 years subscriber – August 2004

Mike Moore at Contractors conference – Autumn 1986

Miles McNaught Golden Shears senior – May 1989

Milestone MECA – August 2005

Milestone MECA (2) – November 2005

Mini-skirted sheep the future – March 1999

MJ Walton letter re auction price of wool – August 2010

Mobile lab for testing wool – August 2000

Mobile shed men – Richardsons – August 1999

Modern apprentice Kaleb Godsiff – August 2006

Modern apprentice scheme flourishing – April 2008

Modern apprenticeship scheme flourishing – April 2008

Moffat table marketed by WRONZ – March 1998

More pay for harvesters – August 2002

More people than sheep by 2070 – August 2002

Morrell close, but still Masterton waits … April 2013

Morrell wins Merino Shears 1996 – November 1996

Morrinsville in March – August 2002

Morton’s other invention (sheep dip) – August 2011

Morton’s other invention the sheep dip – August 2011

Motorised shearing tables – August 1996

Motu Tua time to get organised – August 1993

Mount Linton greatest of them all – November 2004

Mount Linton painting Kevin Stevenson – August 1999

Mullins gang members attend the Learners Stand - August 1995

Mullins workplace productivity – November 2007

Murray Christie – retires from Wools of NZ – March 1996

Murray Christie and Lister gear – November 1999

Murray Christie in the Falklands - August 1994

Murray Christie record attempt - August 1995

Murray Christie wins in South Africa – August 1997

Murray Christie Wool Board courses – November 1991

Murray Dowling jet boat Waiau River – April 2005

Murray McSkimming’s 70th birthday – April 2002

Murray Rolston goat shearing champion – March 2000

Muttaburra home away from home – November 1989

My name was Cookie – Barbara Keenan – August 2005

My sheep won’t get cold NZ Merino Shears – November 2009

Mystery of the Wolseley medals – August 2007

Mystery photo Famous Five – August 2002

Naracoorte speed shear – November 2001

Nasties in the dags – March 1997

National Committee meeting – August 1991

National Committee news  - August 1990

National rankings 1997 – August 1997

National rankings system Des Williams – August 1993

National Shearing Committee meeting 1989 – August 1989

Neil Gribben presents handpiece to Bruce Lowery – Spring 1988

Neil Perry Norwegian champion – August 1997

Neil Shaw – from shearer to lawyer – August 1996

Neil St George new record 605 – March 1990

New base for Matson crews – November 2008

New Brooms at Goldies – April 2010

New challenge for young Nth Canty shearers – November 2012

New champ at Golden Shears – April 2002

New circuit for lower grades – August 2009

New circuit for woolhandlers – August 2001

New competition rules – Spring 1988

New computer is virtual reality – August 2002

New contracts appearing – November 1991

New cutters from Heiniger – August 2003

New employment contract - August 1994

New employment contract drafted – March 1994

New Heiniger manager Norm McTaggart – August 2011

New ideas on grinding (Ian Wright Heiniger) – November 1996

New labour laws – March 1991

New master woolhandlers Nathan and Shelford – August 2001

New Masters (King, Ferguson, Herbert) – August 2012

New Masters Smith and Wilson – November 2010

New merino shearing technique Samson Te Whata – March 1998

New owner for Shearing – August 2002

New PAYE tax base for shearers, shedhands – Summer 1986

New products – November 1991

New products - August 1992

New products from Heiniger and Lister – November 1994

New range from Heiniger – Spring 1988

New records at Hughenden – November 2007

New respect for woolhandlers – Summer 1986

New role for Millbrook shed – November 2009

New shearing judges at Wairoa – April 2007

New UK Immigration rules – April 2009

New wool measure technique – Summer 1986

New work place legislation – August 2000

New world records (S Te Huia, R&D Smith, Cam Ferguson) – April 2011

New world records (Te Huia, Smiths. Ferguson) – April 2011

New world records Ivan Scott, Stacey Te Huia/Sam Welch and Kerri-Jo Te Huia – April 2012

New Zealand championships 1990 – August 1990

New Zealand championships 1992 – August 1992

New Zealand championships 1993 – August 1993

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New Zealand championships report – August 1997

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New Zealand Shearing Supplies theft – March 1991

New Zealand team at Hay photo – November 2006

Newstead Shed full of history – August 2009

Next world championships – August 1993

Ngamatea’s 18-stand shed – Summer 1984

Nick Endacott world record – August 2000

Nick King changes hands – August 1990

Nigel Brown wins Welsh speedshear – August 2005

No board judges – April 2011

No Woolly Thinking (Hotel architecture) – August 2010

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – August 2010

Noise-induced hearing loss – August 2010

Noisy sheds – April 2011

Noisy sheds – doing something about them – April 2011

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NZ Championships results – April 2013

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NZ Merino Shears report – November 2012

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NZ vs UK better venues for future tests? – April 2006

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NZ’s best cook Hine Paewai – November 1993

NZSCA executive committee photo – August 2007

O for Oarsome great debate – August 2012

O’Neill boys in Canterbury semis – November 2005

O’Neill family fundraiser at Patearoa – April 2009

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Obituary Joe Te Kapa – August 2011

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Off the cuff (Barbara Newton) – August 2011

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Old blade shearers photo - August 1994

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Old dogs and new tricks Roger Leslie – November 2012

Old FMRS still with it – August 2006

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Old way the only way Roger Leslie (April 2012

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Omarama waits for NZ Title - November 1994

Onnerstan? – August 2002

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Otago woolhandling new faces – March 2000

Oti Mason master woolhandler – November 1996

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Outside judging – November 1992

Outside the Square Wayne Perkins – August 2005

Owen Petrie NZ Wool Board – Spring 1987

Oz/Kiwi shearer training scheme – November 2012

PAC scheme for trial – August 1999

PAC trial has promising start – November 1999

Paddy Mathias Blade shearing legend obituary – August 2010

Paddy Mathias obituary – August 2010

Paewai Mullins 40 years contracting - March 1995

Paewai Mullins ISO 9002 – August 1996

Paewai Mullins win Business Award - August 1994

Passport for wool harvesters – November 2006

Past champions of Wales photo – November 2004

Past champions recorded in oral history project – March 2001

Pastoral farming goes for slide – November 1995

Patrick Shelford master woolhandler – November 1996

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Perricoota Station, NSW – May 1989

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Peter Butler – November 2007

Peter Butler photo – November 2007

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Peter Casserly wins Omarama - November 1995

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Peter Jackson wins in the South – April 2008

Peter Lange champion bowler – April 2004

Peter Lyon guest editorial – August 1994

Peter Lyon hands over presidency – August 2001

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Peter Race in South Africa – August 1993

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Phil Evans new UK record for YFC – August 1990

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Poem My Ute Milton Taylor – November 2007

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Price increase to cover training costs – August 2010

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Roger Leslie Power to the People – August 2010

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Rural terminology – November 2011

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Seeking Master status not a race – August 2011

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Shearing’s greatest sporting moments – April 2011

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Shedhand pay rates explained – August 2011

Sheep are smarter than you think – Dr Geoffrey Hutson - November 1994

Sheep breeds poster – April 2007Gang photo - Pro-Shear at The Lakes – April 2007

Sheep Hair or Teeth Tom Harding – November 2009

Sheep joke – August 2003

Sheep know their minds (Dr G E Hutson) - March 1995

Sheep numbers tumble in Australia - November 1995

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Short story Cooked Boots beat Pests – November 2000

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Shortage of shearers in Aussie – March 1997

Shrek merino marketing monster – August 2004

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Simon Averill Elders wool manager – November 2011

Simon Averill profile – November 2011

Single judging survives challenge – August 1996

Singlets in the Waitaki bar – August 2005

Sitting on your bum hard work – April 2012

Six of the best for Snow – November 2006

Six-stand record at Wairaki – April 2005

Six-stand record at Whakatau – March 1991

Skin cuts – new focus on – November 1991

Skinny Haig invented spear belly – March 2000

SLAMP shearing table – March 1998

Small is beautiful – November 2003

Smiling faces Wool Pro Shearer Training School photo – August 2000

Smith and Taylor world merino record 809 - November 1994

Smith family recognition due – August 2008

Smithie lands the big one at Alex – November 2000

Smoko shearing plant at Molesworth – November 2008

Snow Pratt profile – August 1998

Social subsidies in Scotland – August 2003

Software for contractors – November 1992

Software for the future Shear Simplicity – August 2007

Song of the hungry shearer (poem) – November 1996

Sonia Tipton profile – November 1998

Sonny Marshall profile – November 2002

South Africa – Kiwi shearers bring new skills – March 1991

South African blade men – August 1993

South island shows 1987/88 – Autumn 1988

South team wins at Golden Shears – Autumn 1988

Southern Alps trophy – August 2004

Southern base for Heiniger – August 2002

Southern Shears 1990 – March 1990

Southern woolhandling comes of age – November 2009

Southland celebrating 50th – August 2006

Southland Shears photos – April 2005

Spear belly invented by Skinny Haig – March 2000

Speeding through Waikouaiti – November 2003

Speedshears in pubs – March 1998

Spline drives are taking off - August 1995

Spline drives safer - August 1994

Sports Shear Australia seeks world championships - November 1994

Sportsman of Year award (Bucko) – Autumn 1987

Sportsmen recognised in NZ and Australia – August 2001

Springtime in Deutschland Mike Hansby – April 2009

St Helens 1933 – November 2012

Stacey Haitana obituary – March 1996

Staggering stuff – November 2009

Stampeding through Calgary – August 2004

Stan Brough back support – March 1992

Stan Henderson, Waimate – May 1989

Stan Kingham profile – November 2001

Staying onside with Social Welfare – August 1991

Steady on the doom and gloom Tom Harding – April 2009

Stephen Dodds – Summer 1984

Steve Burdon (South Aust. Contractor) profile – August 2010

Steve Burdon (South Australia) Profile – August 2010

Steve Vickers profile – November 2003

Stewart Symon obituary – April 2007

Stewart Weir pretty good senior – November 2002

Sticky cotted sheep – Autumn 1988

Storm Baynes articles (1) looking after your body – August 2007

Storm Baynes articles (2) looking after your body – November 2007

Storm Baynes articles (3) looking after your body – April 2008

Storm Baynes articles (4) looking after your body – April 2008

Storm Baynes articles (5) looking after your body – August 2008

Story of the boggi – August 2008

Stratford strikes twice – March 2001

Stress causing accidents – November 1996

Stu Smith/Nia Setefano road accident – November 2008

Sue Bedient – Autumn 1988

Sunbeam 40th anniversary – March 1993

Sunbeam celebrates 90 years – August 1993

Sunbeam gets new home – August 2001

Sunbeam new technology – Autumn 1986

Sunbeam Rural George Panos – March 2000

Sunbeam seeks the ultimate – Autumn 1988

Sunbeam’s new combs – David Hunt – Summer 1984

Sunbeams 12 tooth challenge - August 1995

Sunbeam encouragement award – Summer 1984

Sunday at the Ranch Hona etc – November 2002

Sunshine Shears Brisbane – Spring 1988

Super scheme for shearers – August 2001

Superannuation for shearers (Union) – March 1990

Supershear becomes Lister – August 2010

Supershear becomes Lister – August 2010

Supershear blazing new trail – August 2004

Supershear’s engine room boys – November 2003

Supershear’s new man Paul Gavagan – August 2002

Sutton/Brown two-stand record – March 2000

Swampy at the helm SSNZ – August 2012

Swampy takes over WoolPro – November 1999

Swiss mades (Tom Harding) – April 2013

TAB and shearing sports – November 1998

Table of champions by Hog – April 2012

Taihape trio world record – March 1998

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Take a break, mate (Employment Relations) – August 2009

Taking care of your body (Baynes) no 3 – April 2008

Taking out the family connection – August 2001

Taking the pain out of shearing

Tales of the Toast – August 1999

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Tally book cheque book – November 2011

Tally book, cheque book, phone book, Facebook – November 2011

Tangihau Station 1975 – April 2013

Tania Holden Aussie experience – November 2007

Tania Holden mixed memories of Aussie experience – November 2007

Taranaki Sportsman Paul Avery – April 2008

Tasty lunch – Carole McLachlan – May 1989

Tauranga show competitors photo – April 2005

Tax safety and compo – August 1993

Taxation Department replies – November 1989

Taxation many questions, few answers – August 1989

Taxman’s tips – Summer 1984

Taylor and Smith world merino record  809 - November 1994

Te Aka Station shearing – Spring 1988

Te Awarangi Radyn Puketapu-Pene – April 2013

Te Awarangi Radyn Puketapu-Pene – August 2011

Te Awarangi Radyn Puketapu-Pene – August 2011

Te Huia clan come to town - March 1995

Te Kuiti shearing statue - March 1994

Te Kuiti’s shearing icon – August 2002

Te Whata a merino great – Summer 1986

Te Whata and Fagan – competitions – Summer 1986

Tectra blade course at Kowhai Downs photo – August 2007

Tectra incentives for Modern Apprentices – November 2010

Tectra Modern Apprentices at Geraldine – November 2009

Tectra pre-Shears course photo – April 2004

Tectra trainees in Southland photo – April 2005

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The Last Woolboat – November 2009

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The master Poet Ross McMillan – November 1999

The more things change … Jills Angus Burney – April 2006

The Race that Refused to Die (poem) – August 2010

The Ranch – fond memories Tony Matthews – November 2006

The rivals in Oz (Sportshear) – November 1996

The Shearer’s Hat – poem – November 2008

The Te Huia Boys – August 1994

This one for you, Mum (Richard Smith) – August 2011

Thomas Campbell obituary - March 1995

Those Gisborne Fliers Tony Mathews – April 2009

Thoughts while running the dogs – April 2010

Three die in Southland car crash - August 1994

Three new masters Handley, Fleming, Lawton – August 2004

Three-stand record – March 1993

Three-stand record at Te Hape – March 1999

Time to rethink disqualification rule M McSkimming – April 2003

Time to walk the talk – August 2006

Tina Rimene’s protégés – November 2004

Todd Percival profile – November 1993

Toilhers tails out – March 2000

Tom Brough pig hunter – May 1989

Tom Brough remembers Bing – August 2004

Tom Brough’s autobiography – April 2005

Tom Dodd keeps links with Norway – April 2002

Tom Hinch profile – April 2003

Tom McAfee – Sunbeam boss – November 1991

Tom McAfee obituary – August 2000

Tom Wilson – half a year NZer – Autumn 1988

Tom Wilson world champion – Summer 1984

Tom Wilson’s mastery continues – August 2002

Ton up for Paul Avery – August 2004

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Tony Dobbs profile – August 1989

Tony Lock portable handpiece – April 2007

Tony Lock preserving the past – April 2003

Tony Nott profile – March 1998

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Toowoomba 2005 beckons – November 2003

Top Class Wool Cutters book review – March 1996

Top shearers join WoolPro – August 2001

Topp twins at Christchurch – November 2005

Tops at Taratahi – April 2012

Tough sheep defined – March 1990

Tougher rules for UK entry – March 1997

Town meets country at Viaduct basin – November 2002

Trades Association stands back – March 1993

Trainee woolhandlers Parapara Road (photo) – November 1996

Training Australian style – Spring 1988

Training away from wool shed – August 2001

Tranquilising sheep – November 2004

Trans-Tasman challenge Perth – November 1989

Trans-Tasman contests 1996 Perth, Esperance, Warrnambool. – November 1996

Trans-Tasman contractors’ conference – August 2008

Trans-Tasman research Rory O’Malley – April 2003

Trans-Tasman rivalry – August 2008

Trans-Tasman team at Perth 1998 (photo) – March 1998

Trans-Tasman test at Tara – November 1999

Trans-Tasman test Euroa – Summer 1984

Trans-Tasman test series – August 1997

Trans-Tasman woolclassing – August 2012

Treat your dogs right – April 2008

Treating your dogs right – April 2008

Trevor Bacon merino crossbred lamb record – November 2002

Trevor Brough obituary – April 2005

Trevor Coldwell Woolhandling in Australia – November 1990

Trevor Froggatt proposes new scoring system – March 1991

Trevor Hansen 40 years shearing – November 1998

Tribute to Gina Nathan Jills Angus Burney – August 2009

Triple treat at Te Kuiti – April 2002

Tuapeka Shears woolpressing – March 1990

Tuatapere tops Taihape – three-stand record – April 2006

Tuerong collection sold Lyle Ruddell – April 2006

Tuppal Station Riverina icon – August 2008

Turning wool to edible protein – November 2011

Tussock Grasslands better options – November 2004

Twenty countries to attend world champs – March 1992

Twenty issues of shearing reviewed - November 1995

Twenty-year review of magazine Doug Laing – November 2004

Two sides to the coin (Union) – April 2007

Two-stand world record Forde and Ingram – March 1996

Tying down a trailer load – March 1998

Uardry bobs up again – April 2011

Uardry bobs up again – April 2011

UK and NZ not poles apart – Dave Turner – April 2008

UK employment conditions – April 2007

UK Shearer training – April 2006

Una Cameron profile – August 1999

Undercover story 50th edition – November 2002

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Union muscle depends on every member – May 1989

Union plans more meetings – Autumn 1988

Union, Industry still committed to MECA – April 2006

Union; we lack support - August 1995

Unnecessary law on the way? August 2006

USA contest committee formed - March 1994

Veterans at Golden Shears – March 1990

Vincent Rainbird Tasmanian Tiger – November 2008

VISCA – Victorian competitions – November 1991

Wai Whitiwhiti obituary – November 2007

Waikaka Shears folds – November 2000

Waimate 25th anniversary – November 1992

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Waitaki Hotel’s singlets in the bar – August 2005

Waitomo honours its legends – November 2003

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Welcome back to Muttaburra – November 2011

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Welcome to Woollywood – August 2011

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Where are they now? – August 2006

Where is the cowboy (Blue Jeans poem – April 2013

Where to for shearer training? McKinsey Report – August 2000

Why Southland took so long – November 2012

Willie Hewitson wins in Wales – August 2010

Willie Hewitson wins in Wales – August 2010

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Winter combs - March 1994

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Winter shearing in Idaho – August 1997

Wolseley medals – looking for past winners – November 1991

Wolseley medals mystery – August 2007

Wolseley Medals mystery – August 2009

WONZ training (Bill Morrison) – November 1996

Woodlyn Park reunion – August 2010

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Wool apprenticeship scheme expands Gavin Rowland – August 2006

Wool Board Field Service update – Autumn 1986

Wool Board new office – August 1990

Wool Board new structure – November 1998

Wool Board restructure – November 2002

Wool Board Restructuring Bill – April 2003

Wool Board shearing instructor service – Autumn 1985

Wool Board Shearing Service new handbook – November 1993

Wool brokers helped by centralisation – Summer 1986

Wool handling style criticised by South Africa - August 1994

Wool in hotel architecture project – August 2010

Wool in Wairoa display – November 2012

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Wool levy projects – August 2011

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Woolhandling in South Africa  - March 1994

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Woolhandling standards at risk – August 1993

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Woolpressing Golden Shears 1988 – Autumn 1988

WoolPro becomes MWI – November 2002

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WoolQual circuit well supported – August 2011

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Woolshed quality plan floated - August 1995

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World Cup invitation speedshear – November 2011

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World’s smallest run – November 2012

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You get what you pay for (Stu Munro) – August 2011

Youngsters at Flaxmere Station photos – August 2007

Your holiday pay - August 1995

Youth rates the answer Ronnie Davis – August 2000

Yvonne Abraham profile – August 2003








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Vol 6 No 2 August 1990: Allan Macdonald, Haipi Winiata, Wilcannia Camp Ground, Korena Downs/Raewynne Tawa, Carlin Passau/Rahupai Kaka, Brian Vujcich, Orlrig Station, Lynne & Ivan Rosandich, Martin McAtamney, Bill Waites, Jason Price, Ian Hopkirk gang (Nigel Jackson, Sandy Ripo, Sharon Bourke, Val Stratford), Paul Avery/Debra Rawlinson, Jim Robinson, Shearing Pattern Refinements, Glennis Best, Gerald Hoera/Gina Nathan, Huia Puna/Graham Bell, Dean Ball, Joanne Kumeroa, Elaine Neil South Island Team, Mike Barnett, Doug Lambie, Geordie Bayne, Steve Potaka-Osborne, Craig Crawshaw, Stan Brough, Ailsa Fleming, Marc Lebreton, Shearing Sports National Committee, NZ Team in UK (Balme, Fagan, Forge, Fisher), Dafyd Evans/Stephen Lloyd, Wyn Jones, North Island Instructors Middleton, Carver, Taylor & Kidd, Raewyn Perry, Warren Yakas, Phillip Morrison and judges at Paparoa, Midge Olson, John Lawton, Allan & Dianne Brambly, Nick King.


Volume 6 No 3 November 1990: Lowry Tahau, David Fagan/Peter Lyon/Edsel Forde, Bill Morrison/Buddy Smith, David Fagan/Lyon/Forde, Trevor Coldwell, Aroha Newby/Ann Casey, Guy Waters, John Lawton gang, Sue O’Brien, Chris Busch, Wool Board Trainees at Ryan Waters property, Jeff Dorsett, John Hodder/Motu Tua, Bruce Aranui/Stewart Smith/Charles Smith/Turi Tipoki, Raelene Howes in England, decoy sheep in catching pen, Robbie Bracken/Sam Te Whata/Mana Te Whata, Billy Michelle, Peter Race, Keith Sandbrook, Alan Macdonald, NZ team at Warrnambool (Ball, Morrell, Forde, Larsen), Richard Halkett, Lowry gang (Larsen, Darren Macdonald, Kori Kennedy, Tina Rimene, Dion Morrell, Harmer gang (Charlie Rehui, Andre Broek, Terry Coad, Jack & Mary Harmer, Michelle Russell and Dean Rimene), Kevin Chandler gang (Noel Lawrence, Dave Robens, Kevin, David Sciascia, John Taunoa), Judging cuts and ridges (11 photos), Bale hook injury, Andrew Mackay, Bob Michie and daughter Mary, Steve Potaka-Osborne, Geoff Winn, Fred Roberts, Kinloch Winners, Woolhandlers (Robin Murray et al), Peter Lyon rugby team, Rosina Barnett/Oti Mason, Verna Wilson, George Parkinson.


Volume 7 No 1 March 1991:  Bill Birch, David Fagan, Timothy Plummer, Lyndsey Brown, Robin Kidd, Godfrey Bowen/Syd Tatana, Alan Macdonald, Pera Davies, David Fagan, Peter Clendon, Lloyd & Ross Alexander, Colin Thirkell, Welsh boys Manzini et al, Golden Shears open finalists, woolpressing pairs Geoff McKenzie/Aroha Newby, Woolhandling circuit finalists Mick Nooroa et al, YFC seniors Andrew Deverall, David Hodge, Sheryl Naera, Carol Hodge, Lance Wiggins, Shearing in Corsica, Laurie Keats, trans Tasman teams at Masterton, Ian Rutherford/Mark Conlon/Elliot Ntsombo/Tom MacAfee, Rotary handpiece, Ellery pendulum, lyco pendulum, Ritchie Gould, John Midwinter, Abraham Weir, Lex Jury/Wally Billett, Kathy Giblett, Karolyn Donald, Mark Lebreton/Jock Gibson, Tahua Rene, Beeps Wehi, Dave Baron, Tony Phillips/Lewis Hansen, six stand gang & woolhandlers, Michael James Terry.


Volume 7 No 2 August 1991: Jakob Birzer, John Lawton, Cuming/Hodder/Lynne King, Errol Buchanan/Kuni Gray/Trish Rangi, Jenny Mantann, Murray Bleasel, Rosina Barnett, John Fagan MBE, New Zealand championships woolhandlers Bronwyn Ussher et al, Alan Warnock, Geoff Fagan, Brian Kelly, Alastair Eckhoff, Joe Paewai, Koro and Mavis Mullins, Group (Margaret Tumarae, Christina Payawal, Tracey Downs, Mavis Biddle, Ruby Daley, Steven Cooper), Group (Tama Peneha, Irene Hira, Peter Brannigan, Portia Whaanga), Bruce Reeves, Nanette Gourlay, Michelle Anderson’s wedding cake, Peter Burnett, Bryan Bradley, Rex Crengle, Leon Moleta/Beryl Whitehead/Denis Reed, Cloverlea Shears helpers at Cloverlea Tavern, Barry Auckram, Dean Martin, Tony Grant, Rangi Sullivan, Maunsell Edwards, Hiwi Edwards, Bill Edwards, Eugene King, Anton Tonga, Aaron Tairi/Anaru Tuhura, Terry Jenner gang at Waihopai Downs, Colin King gang at Kerikeri, Ian Anderson, Ian Macintosh/Nick Watson/Emarina Williams, National Committee (Bill Lee etc.), Jeff McKenzie/Alastair McIntyre/Ian Buchanan/Hugh McCarroll, Phillip Morrison, Peter Schroedter.


Vol 7 No 3 November 1991: Ian Wratten/Miss Wool, Hugh Lourie and Listers reps, Five gang photos, Lindsay Brown, Charlie Clayton, Mark Nicol, Alan and Debbie MacDonald, Tom McAfee, Arthur Freeman/Fred Knokes, Carl Williams, Alain Belliard/Edsel Forde, Raelene Howes, Murray Christie/Michelle Harrex/Mana Te Whata, Wayne Bradley, Lane McSkimming, Del Te Kapa, Megan Wilson, Busy woolhandlers group, Mana Te Whata, Annalisa Bugden, Joanne Kara, Bronwyn Ussher, Oti Mason, Julie Taylor/Alice Ruru, Kevin Walsh/Michelle Harrex/Peter Black, Kevin Boyd/Bruce Woodcock/Bruce Williams, Gordon Grant/Graeme Murphy, David McHaffie/Murray Christie, Peter McBain, Dave Stewart, Philip Scott, Peter Butler, Jason Forrest, Evan Johnston, Louie Thompson, Chris Millar, Bruce McIntosh, Leo Apae.


Vol 8 No 1 March 1992: Edsel Forde record crew, Shandley/Flannery/Carrick, George Graham, John Poulton, Mat Tyree, Dawson Biggs, Simon Harrison, Colin King, Kathy and Kevin Walsh, Golden Shears pix (junior woollies, Fagan/Forde, contractors, Wratten/Bryant, Tom McAfee, Wal Wallace/Anthony Morrell/Puro Coleman/Wayne Taylor), Jean-Louise Creche, Alain Belliard, Steven Lloyd/Alan Derryman, John Pughe/Wyn Jones, Grandfathers six-stand crew, Jeff Dorset/Robin Terry, Ken Pike, Edsel Forde, Forde record pix, smashed toilet at Takaka, Bill Chrystal, Rei Rangiawha, Peter Nitz, Manu Rangiawha, Tony Strawbridge, back pain exercises, Mouse O’Neill/Andrew Chittock/Edsel Forde, Kent Logan, Stu Munro, Brendan Millar, Gary bright, Kila Hepi, Colin Dennison, Peter Black, Harrex gang, Basil Pomana, Norman Jackson, Steven Cooper gang, George Tipu gang, Sam Smith, Kim Katipa, Hoki Wesche gang, Maurice Forde gang, South Island team, Des Cook/Ron Davis/Sonia Tipton/Graham Baldwin, Matthew Tuhakaraina, Stan Brough, Peter and Elsie Lyon, Gina Nathan, Grace-co back support, Ron Stratford, Stratford’s handpiece.


Vol 8 No 2 August 1992: Fagan and Walsh, Royal Bath and West, Tony Dallyn, David Fagan, Godfrey Bowen, Peter McKay/John Jones, Ian Stewart/Tom Brough/Vince Nesdale, Leigh Hale, Geordie Bayne/Tom Wilson/Rolf Gravdal/Peder Ravndal, Bath and West finalists David Fagan/John Fagan/Tom Wilson/John Pughe/Steven Lloyd/Dig Balme, Ian Rutherford and South Africans Ntsombo, Nyatsu, Phendo, Fekisi, Andrew Scedewy, Kevin Thirkell/Dianne Bramley, Bruce Williams, Mark Spain wedding, Les Ramsden, Roger Weber/Simon Rose/Frank Dickinson, Rangiawha gang at Euraba Station Qld, Chalmange Barrett, Peter Lyon, Gus Dermody/Wally Billett/Graham Twose/Lex Jury/Jeff McKenzie/John Paton, Northern Shears seniors Mark Walker/Brendon Cox/Mark Hough/Craig Fagan/Eddie Maguire, Agrisales trophy, Shelly Boyd, Burgon and Ball factory (7 pix), Alan Faulkner gang including Harry Hughes, Russell and Ani Smith/Kohine Rata/Darryl Smith/Moana Peri/Lisa Mihaere/Jane Eru/Bill Walker, Joanne Kumeroa/Aroha Newby, Seamus Kelly, George Graham/Billy Codd, Phyllis Bolger (All-Ireland championships), Robert Bull and family, Hoki Wesche, NZ Champs pix (Devlin Cossey, Dean Redman, Adele Greenhalgh, Brendan Cox, MacDonald and Fagan, Peter McCabe, Dean Te Huia, junior finalists, Cochrane’s relay team, the Horseshoe six (Johnny Fraser/Clint Bellamy/Craig Alexander/Eryl Williams/Jeremy Fuller/Glen Forde.


Vol 8 No 3 November 1992: Alex Sole, Daniel Andrew, Judy de lacy, Barry Taylor, fiesta in Mexico, Fagan and Kevin Walsh, Megan Wilson, Sparky Heke, Waimate Shears pix: Sam Dobson/Neil Baynon, Ray Ramsey, Peter Hey, Open finalists Peter Lyon et al, intermediate finalists Nathan Stratford et al, junior finalists Reece Wilkinson et al, open blades Peter Race et al, the white fence (judges), Ian Buchanan, LA County fair finalists Fagan/Grainger et al, Evena Sciascia, Mark and Joanne Conlan, John Hodder, Blair Ormsby, Sarah Pablecheque, Sonya Moffat, Gary and Tony Fox, fine threats of disaster, Gina Nathan, Peter Lyon gang at Shag Valley Station, kids at Waimate Juliette Lyon/Joshua Grant, Lawrence Tyree and house, Kevin Aplin/Robert O’Kane, Graham Hutchby/Barry Henderson/Phillip Lett, Paul Gough/Geoff Wilson, Brendan Carr/Andy Hale, Paul Rose, Potae gang at Rocklands, Willy Wilson, Colin Quinn, Coudret gang at Wilsons, Mick Bool gang at Berwen, King/Forde/Christie at Perth with Willie Tito/David Lawrence/Brian Johnson and David Taylor, Peter Black, John Coley gang at Maunganui Station, Tangi Russell/Caron McKenzie/Ronny Harding, Corey Allan, Graham Metekingi, Matson gangs (2), Wool Board course participants Dave Brooker/Wilson Millar/Murray Barkman/Kelvin Brough/Graeme Stott/Graeme Twose/Murray Christie/John McElligott, Edsel Forde/Aroha Garvin/Alan MacDonald/Colin King/Raelene Howes/Dion Morrell at Warrnambool.


Vol 9 No 1 March 1993: Rick Pivac, Calvin Fisher, faces at Golden Shears, Grant Smith, Justin Meikle, junior woolhandlers Greta Henare/Robert Karehana/Anna Haig/Rebecca Hawkins, Trans-Tasman teams Edsel Forde/Colin King, David Lawrence/Willie Tito, Peter Artridge/Anthony Bell, Willie Sharp/Craig Tepu, Koro Mullins, Mavis Mullins/Susan Biddle, Johnny Fraser/Roger Locke, Lane and Murray McSkimming, Geyserland Shears pix Mark Barrowcliffe/Shane Robinson, Jeff Dorset/Ross McBeth, junior finalists Richard Waddell/Todd Percival/Anzac Wilcox/Samantha McDonald/Nick Berryman, Ron Stuart, Group Kevin Lloyd/Bernie Godbold/Sherylene Malcolm/Lauren Eketone/Barbara Dorset, Owen Petrie, David Fagan, Old blade shearers, Clive Apps (UK), Ugbrooke Station, old cane wool basket, Danish shearing, Dion Morrell/Chris Brooker/Rick Pivac, Darryl Keenan in Japan, Sunshine coast Henry Isaacs/Jamie Fleming/Hugh McCarroll/Greta Henare/Ailsa Fleming, David Stuart, Alun Williams, Phil O’Shaughnessy, Clint Jowsey, Rob Macdonald, Vets Ian McMillan/Bill Shea/Owen Given/Edgar Allan/Herb Demler, Ivan Bowen, Group Roger Locke/John Smith/David Hunt/Tom McAfee/George Taylor, Kiwi team 1983 Peter/Lyon/Alan Donaldson/Rick Pivac/Adrian Cox, Richard Gavigan, George Pilcher, Joe Clarke, David Hunt, Clint Bellamy/Robin Middleton, Alan Barker, Colin Jay, Tony Clutterbuck, Dennis Brake, Steven Roberts, Steve Durham/Kevin Wisely, Lisa Lawton/Bryce Napier, Colin O’Neill, Coleen Mowat/Biggles Mowat, Patrick Shelford/Sharon Lawton, Bernadette Forde Connie Shandley, Pat Corrigan, Peter Carver, John Hand/Jean Tao.


Vol 9 No 2 August 1993: Peter Race and Miss South Africa, Ray Perry, Stan Hiroti/John Mulholland/Ron Davis, Jim Malcolm, Joanne Kumeroa, Motu Tua, Elliot Nyatsu and Elliot Ntsombo, Peter Race, Des Williams, Russell Emmerson, David Pinckney/John Lawton/Ron Hill, Edsel Forde/David Fagan, Bill Birdsall and Bucko, Werner Heiniger and David Hunt, Alan Small, Greta Henare, George Bayne/Tom Wilson/Colin King/Edsel Forde, Adrian Cox in Hawaii, Czechs at world champs Daniel Stanek, Miroslav Ripan, woolhandlers course at Palmerston North, Spa hotel open David Fagan/Joe Clarke/Paul Grainger/John Fagan, Taupo woolhanders Oti Mason/Patrick Shelford/Joanne Kumeroa/Ailsa Fleming, Tikokino intermediates Ian Ellis/Rex Chamberlain/Russell Smith, Tikokino juniors Tuma Mullins/Daniel Prenter/Toku Waitere, Dianne Tai, Paul Avery at Warkworth, Bill Lee and SSNZ national committee, Bill Lee, Raewyn Perry, Ken Bishop, Matthew Tyree, Ronald Hawker, Dig Balme quality winner at Golden Shears, Arthur Watson gang photo at Cargo NSW.


Vol 9 No 3 November 1993: Don Davies gang at Greta Paddocks, Himalayan markets, Dean Te Huia’s handpiece, Rex Wall’s home made handpiece, Grant Smith, Peter Casserly/Brian Holden/Mana Wilson, Edsel Forde, Robin Kidd and trainees at Okirai near Fordell, Gary Biggs/Warwick Hopkins, Robin Kidd/Aaron McCallum, Group Mavis Mullins/Erica Capp/Marama Johnston/Eva George/Anne Hannay/Te Waka McLeod-Mustart, Kerry Brannigan gang at Havelock North, Sam Hawkins, Raewyn Makatea, Dianne Steedman/Karina and Anthony Raumati, Bonice and Delia Ropiha/Betty McIntyre, Fred Ackerman gang and truck, Claude Waite, Elias Hans, Myaluzeli Klaas, Hine Paewai, Ross Kelman gang at Ben Avon, Adrian Cox gang at Otematata, Mike Bool gang at Berwen, Daryl Roberts gang at Raynham Station, Adrian Cox gang at Bluecliffs, Peter Corder gang at Richmond Station, Shearing Mexican way (4 pix), crowd at Poverty Bay, Allan Sheppard/Yvonne Dillon, Chris and Dave Kubala, Jamie Fleming, Pix from Alexandra Mana Te Whata/Mark Conlan/Samson Te Whata, Leah Brensell, Murray Christie/Dayna Te Aho/Vanessa Te Whata, Ian Kneen/Murray McSkimming, seniors David Clarke/Mike Heatherington/Daniel Nixon/Greg Paterson/Bruce Gould/Paul Crawford, open woolhandlers Raelene Howes/Patrick Shelford/Elsie Lyon/Vanessa Te Whata, Roger Cunningham/Jenny Scott, David Fagan/Colin King/John Lawton at Perth, Elsie Lyon/Raelene Howes at Esperance, Don Davies gang at Cheviot – Malcolm McCorkindale/Bill Nash/Doug McCullagh/Keith Henderson, Mark Smith/John Jackson, Ellesmere show Hamish Drury/Jason Palmer/Tim Cookson/Doug Michael, Aurelia Kaa/Gordon Keown at Raynham Station, Cath Jones, Lance Waller, Nick Rose, Katrina Bishop, Barry Brien, Dean Cox, Bruce Gould.


Vol 10 No1 March 1994: Alan MacDonald/Ray Samuels/Godfrey and Nesdales, Syd Tatana/Godfrey Bowen, Bowen’s first Massey course, 1954, Godfrey in top hat, Godfrey and Ivan with HRH, Godfrey in Moscow, Godfrey shearing, Golden Shears pix John Kirkpatrick/Jason Leevey, Chris Herrick/Bill Nikora, Rose Elers/Philomena Vella/Marama Cribb/Marie White, Adrian and Brendon Cox, Jason Win/Troy Shirley, David Fagan, David Fagan/Wendy/Jack and Jenna, Rei Rangiawha/Stewart Weir/Lawrence Tyree, Dion Morrell/Edsel Forde, Alex Riddiford, Horiana Ropiha, Eric Lloyd, Chook Kamaru, Punga Paewai, Ross Mitchinson, Sylvia Pue, Ned Henare, Wai Whitiwhiti gang at Pouakani Station, Tim Anderson, Prof Colin Holmes/Robin Kidd, Randy helms, Mike McWilliam, Clifford Hawk and Moose, Bryan (Bunzy) Campbell, Mac Isaacs/Don Knight, Bill and Cynthia Kennedy with Bob Wetherall, George Mudge, Melissa Baldwin, Paul Bowen, Harley Churstain, Jason Nixon/Patrick Shelford, Jock martin/Ron Alderton, Colin Gibbs/Iain Harrington, Paul Rose, Tony Dobbs/Peter Race/Myaluzeli Klass/Elias Hans, Sandy Tuapawa, Raglan seniors Dean Redman/John Arnold/Rodney Baldock/Jason Leevey/Dean Chadwick, Alton Devery, John Arnold, Raglan intermediates Andrew Schedewy/Donald Metheral/Lee Cheyne/Bill Nikora/James Mack, Peter Nichol, Dennis Hall (Te Kuiti statue), Jeff McKenzie, Huia Clarke/Graeme Bell, Iain and Kirsty Hogg, Johnny Fraser/Sharon Ruffles, Kelman race gang at Dunstan Peaks, Jeff Dorset gang at Waikite Valley, John Harrison gang at Parapara, Les Te Kanawa gang at Marokopa, Trevor Condon gang at Raetihi, Raelene Howes/Elsie Lyon, Classic Aussie dunny.


Vol 10 No 2 August 1994: David Fagan with Bowen’s Ringer trophy, Matson gang (Bart Hadfield), Bowen family with David Fagan, Ron Hill/Don Davies, John Hart/Errol Buchanan, Neil Weggery/Colman Rangi, Jack Condon 50 years, Silvia Condon, Koro and Mavis Mullins, Fagan/MacDonald with Princess Anne, Fagan/MacDonald, Falklands and Murray Christie, Reg Benjamin, Wayne Baldock, Craig Sowry, Steve Potroz, Bill Marshall, Bryce Tonks, Dean Te Huia, Hayden Te Huia/Nathan Stratford/Rangi Nikora, Dean Redman, Raelene Howes/Douglas Ruki/Marama Cribb, Puti Petuha, Advanced woolhandlers at Massey, Colin Gibbs/Graeme Twose, Hugh McCarroll/Alastair McIntyre, Peter Taylor/Chris Jones, Quentin Whitehead/Lee Cook, Craig Crawshaw/Jacob Rebay, Eric Marklew/Knut Bukholt, Dr Ken Hodge, Kerry Nolan gang of 50-y-o’s.


Vol 10 No 3 November 1994: John Hackshaw, Peter Lyon, Ray Perry, Elbert and Margaret de Koning, Colin King, John Hackshaw family, John Walker gang on Duke of Devonshire’s estate, Peter Lyon gang at Loch Linnhe, Liz Robinson gangs at Orakei Korako and Hurakia, Chris Hancock, Tony Turner, Warren Julius, Old blade shearers at Omarama, aerial view Omarama Shears, Tony Dobbs/Kerry Nolan/Ross Kelman, Pappy Robinson/Ally Mae/Ada Tuhiwai, Barry Taylor/Murray Christie, Grant Smith/Adrian Cox/Debbie Cutter, Graham Jepson, Dr Geoffrey Hutson, David Fagan/Wilson Whineray/Alan MacDonald, Accidents waiting to happen in sheds (10 pix), Kiri Bond, Roger Simpson, Sam Win/Tony Nott/David Baigent, Noel Handley, Poroa Pearson, Aussie Carrington, John Fagan/Peter Nolan/Grant Smith/Mark Boag at Heiniger evening, Peter McLaren/Keith Thomas/Warren McDonald and Ken Robertson PGG, Sam and Jason Win, Bill Regnault/Verna Curtis, back country wool room, Vince Whitham/Dave Clark, Judith Roberts/Rose Clark, Kelvyn Scott, Bob Barnes, Hawi Kopua, Jamie Fleming, Donald Kewa, Ray Dunick, Esperance open finalists Chris Hancock/Daryl Austen/Corran Kidd/Dion Morrell/John Emslie/John Conlan, Colin King/Paul Rose/David Fagan in Perth, Doug Bryant, Brent Gow, Greg Moffatt.


Vol 11 No 1 March 1995: Dion Morrell/Stan Pardoe, David Fagan/Dion Morrell, Donald Bryant, Troy Shirley, Ed Tarrant/Roger Locke, Colin King, Jane Leogreen, Anna Haig/Marie White/Fiona Barakat/Linda Tarrant, Pivac/Morrell, Morrell record group, Stan Pardoe, Godbold gang, Tane Smith, “Dutch”, Puka Jackson, “Pebbles”, Lance Waddell, Hamish McKinnon, Lynne Rosandich, Sam Win gang, Jim and Tana Godbold, Lyn Ataera, Jim Patea, Reti Cribb, Ripeka Green, Thomas Campbell, Patrick/Gloria Shelford, Victor Noah, Heidi Blake, Leah Paki, Robbie Tai, Bernie Walker/Gordon Pope, Ann “Pappy” Robinson, David Lawrence, Group Barbara Dorset/Liz Burge/Peata O’Brien/Moira Utiera/Rachell and Evon Skiffington, Alan Small, Tuma Hemara/Anzac Wilcox, Dean Boros, Alan Dahm/Steven Brown, Rangi Phillips, Liz Robinson/Gunner Bartlett, Chris Millar, Lionel White, Ray Howes, Contractors Assn group, Jerome McCrea, Aaron Te Huia, Bruce Schlaepfer gang, Lynne Hamilton, Mike Marshall gang, Gail Haitana, Denny Lawrence gang.


Vol 11 No 2 August 1995: Snow at Alexandra (not Quinn!), Bridgette Allan/Katrina King/Larissa King, Edwin O’Hara, Gus Dermody/Murray Christie, Paul Avery, Vanessa Te Whata/Joanne Kumeroa/Mic Nooroa/Aroha Garvin/Sue Biddle, Tony Dobbs/Robin Middleton/Ian Buchanan/Peter Taylor, Paul Rose/Keith Marshall, Murray Johnstone/Tony Coster, Robert McLaren, Vince Whitham/Craig Dalzell, Dave Gillespie, Phil O’Shaughnessy, Shane Casserly, Ross Newlove/Dianne Bramley/David Ryan, Roseanne Heteraka/Karen Simpson/Liz Dear, Clinton Greenhalgh, Brett Boniface/Alan Bramley/Bruce Gravatt/Neville Osborne/Russell Gordon, Ross McBeth/Robyne Murray, Dig Balme/Scott Gerke/Hayden Te Huia/Possum Short, Peter Ardley/Paul Kirk, Peter Lyon/John Emslie, Charles August/Piet Tenteng/Neil Vroom, Chris Teutenberg, Mullins gang On the Learner’s Stand, Roger Locke, Rangi Phillips, Mavis Mullins/Huia Clarke, Werner Heiniger (2), Bill Lee/Hugh McCarroll/Darryl Roberts, Ray Dunick with Kevin Boyd/Colin Gibson/Percy Barrett/Ian Buchanan/Paul Rose/Koro Mullins, Colin Gibson/Bill Birdsall/Peter Taylor, Neil Reid/Dave Gillespie, Edsel Forde at Farmworld.


Vol 11 No 3 November 1995: Elliot Ntsombo, Gisborne trees, Lance Wiggins, Roger Cox, Mana Te Whata, trouble in sheds, Ross Martin, Wayne Mosen, Char Ruru/Sharon Hunter, Peter Corder gang at Leslie Downs, Reg Benjamin gang at Waitotara, Wairarapa women, Bill Richards, Ian Rutherford, Charles August, Bill Michelle, James Kerr, Peter Casserly, Jojo Crawford/Siobahn Mason, John Tangney, Ray Dunick with Kevin Gray/Bruce McLean/Ross Bengston, woolhandling course in Southland (Sharon McIntyre), forging blades at Burgon and Ball, Mike Henderson, WONZ trade day at Okoia with Peter Taylor (5 pix), Just Meikle, Angelique Godbold/Pat Maxwell, woolhandling course at Wanganui with Richard Gavigan and Ken Geenty, Robyne Murray/Mandy Wratt, Michelle Cassidy, Piet Tenteng/Elliot Ntsombo/Charles August/Oneboy Naunau.


Vol 12 No 1 March 1996: Golden Shears stage, Annette and Wally, Ian Wright/Geordie Bayne/Tom Wilson, New Zealand and Norway teams, Blade finalists Noel Handley/Tony Dobbs/Doug Rathke/Elliot Ntsombo/Oneboy Naunau/Andrew Wear, Pre-Shears course at Brian Waters farm, Patrick Shelford, Allen White, Ian Rutherford, Tom Brough/Murray McSkimming, Fagan/King, Oti Mason, Goldies junior finalists incl Robert Nikora, Willie Ruru/Willie Sharp, senior woolhandlers incl Heidi Blake, Robert Karehana/Helen Bradley/Lucia Pereka/Bill Greenshields, Anna Buick, Czech shearer, Brendon Mahony and gang, Mahony/Pereka, Rangi Ruru/Conal Newland, Brannigan gang at Tawa Downs, Darin Forde, Wayne Ingram, Edsel/Martin/Darin Forde, Harry Tupara, Rangiawha gang at Taupo, WONZ course at Dunsandel incl Sth Africans, Mere Hepi, John Hodder/Lana Coc-croft, Mick McMaster and family, Huia Clarke/Aroha Garvin/Bill Potae/Joanne Kumeroa, McCarroll/Wal Wallace/Pat Ashby, Alan Pretious/Vernon Bright, Coley/Goss, Bruce Tinnock, fleece judging on Chathams, Murray Christie, Keith Slater, Maraki gang at Waitahaia, Ju Maraki, Pat Maraki/Vanessa Keen, Atkinson gang at Mangaheia, Shearing in Chile (3 pix) with Alan Marshall, Peter White/Edwin O’Hara/Bill O’Connor, spline drives, Hayden Te Huia, Annie Keown.


Vol 12 No 2 August 1996: Selwyn Biddick gang on Ponui Island, Margaret Fletcher, Kerry Solomon, Cheryll Traill gang at Alfredton, Kerry Nolan gang at Sandhurst, Big man Hutton Howden, SSNZ AGM photo Tony Brennan/Peter Casserly/Doug Oliver/Dig Balme/Ron Davis/Mere Hepi, wool worm bras, Colin Gibbs, Hon Roger Marshall/Punga Paewai/Mavis and Koro Mullins, Oti mason, Beeps Weehi, Neil Shaw, Andrew and Carolyn Clegg, Garth and Barbara Hammond, Greg Clark, Contractors Assn team photo at Taupo, Jenny White/Jeff Dorset, Darryn Gutsell/Shane Harvey/Alton Devery, Dean Boros/Ant Bryant/Colin Fisher, John Hutchinson/Dean Chadwick, Peter Casserly, WONZ blade school at Rakaia, Don Davies gangs at Mendip and Overshiels, Merehana Wilson, Northern Shears open finalists incl Fagan/Avery/Grainger/MacDonald/Neill, seniors at Taranaki Boros/Henderson/Percival/J Fagan/Tohengaroa/Paewai, junior woollies at Wairarapa Liza Hutana/Huriana Wehi/Natalie Te Huia/Renee Hooper, Lex Jury/Julie Christie, Bruce Wilson/Ron Cunningham, Richie Gould/lifter plate, Ric Sherlock.


Vol 12 No 3 November 1996: Gillgren family, Rana Neilsen, Tommy Allan, Bill Morrison, Don Davies funeral, Charlie Brophy, Colman Rangi gang at Cardrona, WONZ trade day at Rangitikei with Peter Taylor, Peter and Kathleen Clendon, Peter Falvey, pressers course at Palmerston North, John Allardice, Stringer gang at Mount Alexander, Four masters Grainger, Shelford, Mason, Nooroa, Mark Gillgren, grinder guards, Matson gang at Kakatahi, trainee woolhandlers at Kakatahi, Chris Millar, Jackie Harmer and son, Morrell and open finalists at Alexandra, Grant Smith/Miriam Haig, Blade finalists at Omarama incl Michelle, junior woolhandlers at Waimate Emily Moore/Waina Peneha/Stacey Guyton, Laurie Keats, Jimmy Power.


Vol 13 No 1 March 1997: Audrey Tamanui, Darin Forde, Craig Sowry, Past champions Golden Shears, McSkimming gang winners contractors’ event, Lachie Nixon/Willie Sharp, junior woolhandlers Daniella and Mihi Broughton/Teena McLaren/Denise Whitiwhiti, James/John/Neil Fagan, DION Morrell/Tina Rimene, Cheryl Ngatai, Linda Tarrant, Opotiki open finalists Kirkpatrick/Ball/Cooper/Paewai/Rangiawha/Brabant, Neville Osborne, Michael Stephens, Northern Wairoa vets Neil Sidwell/Tom Newlove/Brian Cocks/Ralph Smith/Ross Newlove/Dave Olsen, Alpacas NSW (5 Pix), Darin and Julie Forde, Raelene McConachie/Darin Forde, Peter Taylor, Lyon/Morrison gang at Tautane, woolhandlers at Tautane, Kyle Burnett, Grant Lyon, Mark Williamson/Ron Davis, Ray Hona, Aussie and Ngahina Carrington, Lyon gang at Mt Nicholas, McConachie gang at Waikaia incl Phil Bee, Sandy Chesswas, Patrick and Bernadine Shelford, Huia Clarke and baby Jordan Shaquille, Group Mike Marshall/Hayden Te Huia/Dion Kumeroa/Russel Ward/Hugh McDade,  Group Robert Karehana/Kerri-Jo Te Huia/Tania Kumeroa/Raewynne Te Huia/Vic Kumeroa, Paul Kelly gang at Utiku, Miriam Haig/Joanne Kumeroa, Ida Ratima, Des Williams, Collins Brown gang at Martinborough, Sophie Paul, Joy Broadwith and Arthur, crew at Tautane, Group Scott McKenzie/Kenneth Moore/Adrian Crawford/Micky Wilson, Roger Tackney, WONZ merino course at Forest Range, Jane Burton/Kevin Cadwallader, Colin Dennison/Rob Smith, Bren Vowles.


Vol 13 No 2 August 1997: Course at Flock House, shearers meeting Wairarapa, Peter and Bernice Bruce/Colman Rangi/Carole Hyndman, shearing course Blairich Station, Ian Shaw/Fenton Wilson with learners course Tokomaru Bay, Kelvin Whall/Ken Hart/Tim Ensor/John Hart, Julie Everett Hicks, Rangiawha gang Hurakia Station, Maniototo Shearing gang at Dunrobin, Bob Michie, WONZ centre at Longburn, South Island instructors, North Island instructors, Des Cook, Kelvyn Scott, Jill Burney in Idaho, Bill Michelle/Kerry Nolan/Alex McDonald/Alan Gemmell/Noel Handley in Auckland, Graham Waterson, Tony Abbey/Gavin Tankersley, Neil Perry/Peder Ravndal/Borge Hoiland/Magne Skadsen, Richard Watson, Marty Cornish, James Fagan/Denise Whitiwhiti, Sharon Andrew/Audrey Tamanui, Raha Tuhakaraia, Sharon Andrew, Alan MacDonald, Alastair Eckhoff/Maree Smart/Jeff McKenzie, John Ruki, Steven Osborne.


Vol 13 No 3 November 1997: Awassis, Peter Lyon, Vaughan Rogers gang Rodney Manson/Max Marsden/Vaughan Rogers/Ray Chaplin, Group Jocelyn Jacobs/Frances Heke/Alan ward/Sally Rogers/Michael Te Wiki/Jan Chaplin, Brian Willis, Edsel Forde/Boe Lowrie/Adrienne Koopu, Lowrie/Forde/Colin Brooky, Ainsley gang at Merivale Station, Pat Hodges gang at Rata Hills, Brian Quinn gang at Leaning Rock, Sandra Hedley, Clive Powell family and gang (Builth Wells), Bill Meech and gang, Bob Dickson/Gerard O’Donohue, Adrian Cox gang at Ardgour Valley, Ainsley gang at Lindis crossing, George Graham/Michael Knox, Ewen Mackintosh, Len Holland, Roly Ellis, Alexandra open finalists Emslie/Fergusson/Kerr/Clarke/Hauraki/Morrell, Hine Biddle, James Kerr, Shane Casserly, John Kirkpatrick, Charlie Halley, Roy Delgarno artist, Heather MacRae/Annette Lowe, Brett Cavanough, Atawhai Hauraki, Gina Nathan/Camille Ainsley/Huia Clarke/Tina Rimene, Grant Smith/Dion Morrell, Tony Brennan/David Fagan.

Vol 14 No 1 March 1998: David Fagan/Gloria Shelford/Dean Ball, Justin Bell, David Kingston, Raelene McConachie/Richard Wakelin/Joanne Kumeroa/Oti Mason/Ailsa Fleming, Jim Mitchell, Samson Te Whata/Paul Egan, Bart Hadfield/Steven Stoney/Rodney Sutton, Robin Middleton, Adrian Cox gang and one man band, John Cotching gang at Guthries, Roly Ellis/Katie and Peter Mitchell, Robin Kidd (2), Tony Nott, Dick Power, Aria champions Alan MacDonald/Ivan Rosandich/John Fagan/David Fagan/Tom Brough, Raglan 30th anniversary Herb Demler/Rob Macdonald, Sheryl-Lee Cribb, Ian McMillan, Bronwyn Hayes, Group at Perth Atawhai Hauraki/Harry Wells/David Fagan/Dig Balme, Red Fox judges Lynne Rosandich/Ivan Rosandich/Ash Nicholson/Bob Michie/Bill Batchelor/Selwyn Biddick/Harry Wells/Noel Passau/Eddie Reidy sen/Peter McCabe, Shirley Beasley, David Fagan, Te Huias and Fagans at Golden Shears, David Fagan/Jeff Agnew at Longford Tavern, Wool sculpture at Balclutha, Trevor Erskine gang at Tuatapere Peter Harvey/Rod Crack/Ralph Carr/Shane Harvey/Tania Diack/Leah Poole/Teri Diack, Lyn Fergusson, tips on tying down a load (5 pix), Keith Wilson, McSkimming gang at Whakarua, Peter Falvey/Laurence Aspinall/Victor Noah, Blair McCarroll, Jim Malcolm and ISO, Mike Hamilton/Bill Gaskill, Reg Benjamin.


Vol 14 No 2 August 1998: Michelle Harrex, Ron Davis/Rick Vallance/Bill Morrison, Peter Lyon/Ngahuia Carrington, John Stirling/Carol Hyndman/Jimmy Miles, Class of 98 at Lincoln with Robert Pattison, incl Bernie Forde, world champs Ireland 98, Avery and Fagan, Elias Hans, Aussies Brett King/Peter Black/Craig Rowsell/Mike Henderson and Marion Kelly with ambassador Eddie Stevens, Paul and Debra Avery, Patrick Corrigan, Gorey venue, Marion Otner/David Fagan/Peter Johnstone/Charlie O’Loughlin, Angharad Lewis/Craig Rowsell/Oti Mason, Gelske Gardiner, Colin King, Taranaki intermediates Beau Guelfi/Tony Price/Dean Cox/Anthony Ryan/Neil Fagan/Rangitane Paewai, Dion Morrell/Gavin Rowland, WoolPro fine wool course Palliser Bay Joe Paewai/Gavin Rowland/Peter Cowdrey/Kevin Gibbs/Colin Looms/Dion Morrell/Bill Birdsall, Morrinsville seniors Craig Boyte/Steve Old/Brian Breingan/Lee Cheyne, Potae gang at Cloverdowns incl Alan Newby, Dig Balme and friend at Taranaki, Lex Jury blindfolded, Ida Ratima/Rose Kokiri/Gaby Farantino, Alabaster fadge holder, Snow Pratt, Fagan haircut for Robert Brown, British Golden Shears 35th anniversary Darin Forde/Lloyd/Wilson/Fagan/Mitchell/MacDonald, Handley and Macdonald at Bath and West, Wesley Wilton and Philip Hunt, Ailsa Fleming, Jerome McCrea, Beau Guelfi, Huia Clarke, Royal Highland Tom Wilson/Doug Lambie/Paul Avery/David Fagan.


Vol 14 No 3 November 1998: Barry Taylor, Mana and Vanessa Te Whata, Ross and Dianne Allerby, Waddells Glenn/Lance/Richard/Lynley, Barry Taylor/Michelle Harrex/Dion Morrell, Taiwha Kara, Ben Lissaman, Delwyn Jenkins, Shannon Warnest/John Ferguson, Ian Elkins/Sonny Winks, Terry Wooldridge, Mavis Mullins, Trans-Tasman teams at Armidale Barry Taylor/Colin King/David Fagan/Mike Henderson/Brett King/Hilton Barrett, Joanne Kumeroa/Raelene McConachie/Marion Kelly/Craig Rowsell, Wanganui finalists juniors Humphrey/Brabant/McDonald/Bailey/Knapp, senior woollies Tania Tanoa/George Hawkins/Jane Henare, junior woollies Angelique Gage/Rebecca Eames/Venus Paikea, open shearers Kirkpatrick/Avery/Aspinall/Biggs, Georgie Rangihaeata, Lincoln wool students 1998 incl senior tutor Dr Pat Campbell, Doug Ayson’s art, Dave Matthews, Lou Campbell, Wally Billet, Ron Hill Blade men at Glenary incl Mike Bool, Jimmy Coots, Goose and Thomell gangs at Rakaia Gorge, Joe Kahukura, McSkimming gang at Tangarakau Gorge, Tony Matthews, Sonia Tipton, Trevor Hansen, Reece Wilkinson, Taupo events centre, Matt Philipson, Don Lambert.


Vol 15 No 1 March 1999:Jamie Fleming, Quentin Whitehead, mini-skirted sheep, David Fagan/Paul Rippon, Bill Greenshields, Rachel Cunningham, Wai Whitiwhiti, Barry Taylor, Kevin Aplin, Tom Brough/Snow Quinn, Te Hape three-stand record Dig Balme, Neil St George/Alan MacDonald, Ross Alexander/Bruce Neil, Balme/Neil/Ball, Kevin Johnson (drug agency) /Lex Jury, Morrinsville seniors Hodge/Old/Wilson/Lowrey, Tapawera junior woollies David Moulder/Alison Higgins/Katherine Mackel/Lance Barnes, Tapawera judges assessing sheep, One-yr-old Holly Johnston and Dad, Gary, Ray “Happy” Thomson, new judges Darryn Pedersen/Gail Haitana/Verna Te Namu/Robert Karehana, Western Shears pix Delaney Kingi/Judy Cocks/Trish Moke/Lisa MacLeod, Ian Massey, Tauranga intermediates Ian McCarroll (patron)/James Wedd/Jason Bond/Wayne Manson, Tauranga seniors Neil Fagan/Blair McCarroll/Rodney Macdonald/Justin Ward, Roger Poyntz-Roberts, Brian Waterson, Megan Wilson, Cartwright Terry/Karyn Taumanu, Joanne Kumeroa/Tina Rimene/Sue Turner/Leanne Peeti, Stan Hiroti gang at Matakanui – Tony Sigvertsen, Ratima, Aaron Pratley, Aaron Manaia, Bond, Ratana, Merle Manaia, Martin, Pattison, Melissa Pratley, Kara, Pauline Sigvertsen; Freddie Davis, Rex Crengle, Anna Warwick, Warren Stirling gang at Glencairn, Scott Wills gang at Dunsdale, Pre-Shears course at Palmerston North (4 pix), Colin King/Chris Satherley, Des Downs/Tom McNaught, Ken Johnson, Jack/Shayne Dowd, Rochelle Waller/Hugh Redfern, Photo essay Rochelle Waller (4 pix), Robyne Murray, Bob Vercoe/Paul Avery, Tirau corrugated iron sheep, Golden Shears open finalists Fagan/Kirkpatrick/Forde/Grainger/Ball/Neil.


Vol 15 No 2 August 1999: Colin King/Stephan Milosavljevic, Wool Board instructors incl Bowen/Kidd/Toshach/Alan Reid, Colin King/Milosavljevic/Gavin Rowland/Tony Schneider, Patrick Kirk, Ron Davis gang at Glenary incl Huia Clarke, Tony Brown, Contractors Assn at Christchurch, Bruce Bevege, NZ Champs open woollies Ailsa Fleming/Clarke/Goss/Peeti /Tania Conaghan, Derek Kirkland, Jimmy Miles, Bill Hackshaw gang wool sculpting, Peggy Te Whaiti, Alan MacDonald gang at Puketiti Station, Una Cameron, Dale Aagard, Barbara Newton, Shearing Sports NZ delegates incl John Harwood and Paul Rose, Gary Biggs, David Prince, Harry Wells, Warren Stirling, David Fagan, Peter Bruce gang at Hydeholme, Kevin Stevenson painting end of the run, Industry bomb, Kirby and Ian Richardson, mobile three-stand gang Paratai Biddle/John Arahana/Linda Taukamo, James Dysart/Andrew Dysart/Edna Reihana/Lance Ropiha/Des Henare, Ian Rutherford, Kerri Capill/Bernadine Shelford, George and Mac Potae.


Vol 15 No 3 November 1999: Shannon Warnest, WoolPro group at Dunsandel with Bruce Walker, John McCusker/Bruce Walker, Dan Dawson Oregon State University, Robin and Ellie Kidd retirement, Kidd farewell group incl Christie/Rowland/Taylor/Dunick/Barker, Gavin Rowland, Bill Goldsworthy, Huia Clarke and PAC, Murray Christie, Snow Quinn, NZ vs Wales MacDonald/Fagan with Hywel Jones/JTL Davies Keith Walker and Eric Evans, Darin Forde/Hugh Chittock, open finalists at Alexandra incl Forde/Taylor/Hauraki/Barrett/ Wratten/Boyle, Willie Rhind, Leanne Peeti/Joanne Kumeroa, Alan Marshall, Ron Davis gang at Glenary, Bernie Mercer gang at Crawfords, Brian Quinn gang at Leaning Rock, John McBride and kids, Doug Oliver/Hilton Barrett, Lou Campbell memorial pool tournament, Trevor Hollitt, Kevin Sarre, Raelene McConachie, Huia Clarke and Jordan, Shannon Warnest, Aussie nationals at Tara Ross Thompson/Nick Endacott/Mike Henderson, Philip Skewes, Craig Rowsell, Moira Hammonds/Eileen Evans/Joanne Kumeroa/Leanne Peeti, Lesley Steinort/Myles Blake/Dean Mitchell, Joe Spooner, NZ Champs permanent home, Fagan/Grainger, Brendon Potae, Joanne Kumeroa/Warren Smith/Norm Harraway/Grant Smith, Te Atarangi Henderson, Ross McMillan/Des Williams, Merino Mayhem Team incl Leah Brensell/Tony Cook/Chris McNally/Vanessa Spence, John Emslie, David Fagan MNZM/Michael Hardie Boys, Michelle Harrex.


Vol 16 No 1 March 2000: Gran Bolitho/McLean Dixon, Michael Laver, 1950s Harrison gangs (2), John Harrison, George Panos, Colin MacGregor, Golden Shears 40th Dean and Samantha King, Robin Cooper/Edgar Allen, Morry Lawton, David Fagan, Ivan Bowen, David Henshaw, Doug Springer/Phil O’Shaughnessy, Vanessa Spence/Hoki Ratima, Lamer Tohiariki, Alastair  Eckhoff, Brent Johnston, Dorset gang at Mangakino, GT Shearing crew at Rangitira, Sue Brown, Brian McDonnell, Murray Rolston, Keith Wilson, John Conlan, John Cotching, Great Mercury Island, Joe Armstrong, Avery/Neil, Rodney Macdonald, Dianne Bramley/Roger Pearse, Ailsa Fleming/Justin Ward, Kelvin Whall, Robert Hudson, Paula Cheetham (Toilhers), Sonny Ruru and family, Nigel Brown, Rodney Sutton, Alan MacDonald/Paul Bowen, Graeme and Lis McCarroll, Dale Aagard’s 1999 crew, Rangitumau shed, Darin Forde, Tom Wilson, Cartwright Terry.


Vol 16 No 2 August 2000: Paul Avery and Taranaki friends, Jeff Dorset/Lee Matson, Wayne Perkins, Jock Martin/Mark Spain, Evan Johnson/Don Agnew/Peter Lyon, Mavis Mullins/Ailsa Fleming, Barry and Janice Baker, Lance Wiggins, NZ Champs pix Nik and Colin King, Angelique Gage/Steven Old, John Fagan/Colin King, Leanne Peeti, Jamie Mita, Pia Sanson/Justin Ward, Kataraina Stoney/Koro Mullins, Paul Avery/Carol Hodge, Dave Stansbury/James Lowrey, Shannon Warnest, NZ team at World champs, Tom Dodds gang at Fatland Olen, Daryl Roberts gang at Happy Valley, happy faces at WoolPro course, peter McNab’s Lochendorb Station, Claude Waite, Sam Win, Tom McAfee, Ray Samuels, Noel Passau’s portable stand, Robin Kidd, Mark Walker taxidermist, Scott Innes/Neil Gribben, Jason Wingfield, Matthew Smith, MacDonald/Grainger at Kumeu, Paul Rose/Mana Te Whata/Sue Robertson Pastoral Measurements Ltd, Huia Whyte-Puna and Mike Hargadon at Elgin Woollen Mills Scotland, Peter Lyon/Stan Hiroti/Colman Rangi/Stuart Michelle, Nick Endacott and family, Colin King MNZM and Sir Michael Hardie Boys, Taihape’s five-stand board, David Grace’s favourite pix: Alan and Debbie MacDonald, Tim Anderson, Jack Condon, Elias Hans, Alan Bramley and Osborne boys at Kumeu, March 2000.


Vol 16 No 3 November 2000 (first edition John Hart): Grant and Lynn Smith at Alexandra, Rodney Sutton (5 pix), Bill and Viki Jones and gang, Grant Black action, Bill Scott of Roller Art, Grant Black mugshot, Emslie gang, Jim Malcolm gang, Terry Haggard/Jack Tahuri/Shian Tongo/Pauline Sigvertsen/James Wallace, Kelman Butcher gang, Nigel Shirley gang at Lorne Park Station, Grant Smith, Robyne Murray/Gina Nathan/Vanessa Te Whata/Joanne Kumeroa, Chas Tohiariki, NZ team mayoral reception at Armidale, Allan Pretious/Bernie Walker with Walker-Keats Cup, Dean King, Wingfield/Eileen Evans, Bernie Walker/Ross Thompson/Shannon Warnest/Ian Rutherford, Alex Macdonald, Sharon Lawton, Mana Te Whata, Bill Michelle, Pretious/Smith/Fagan/Forde, Donny Hammond retirement (3 pix), Dunstan Peaks pix Jason Casserly/Bryan Holden/Mike Bool/Bubs Montgomery, Matt Holden, Jason Casserly, Ewan Butters, Jason Casserly, Andre Beachgood, Bob Reed, Murray Christie, Mark Hough, Willie Montgomery, Agrisales Trophy, Ailsa Fleming/Jackie Harmer, Rodney Sutton..


Vol 17 No 1 March 2001: Sutton/Fagan, David Fagan, Trans-Tasman team Fleming/Pretious /Fagan/Forde/Smith/Harmer, Harmer/Fleming, Greg Herrick with Helen Clark/Judith Tizard/Trish Stevens, Darin Forde, James Smaill, Willie Power, Bruce walker, Colin King, Rod Sutton, Sutton family, North Canterbury, Scotty Stewart, Roger Neil, Golden Shears open finalists, GS senior woollies Tom Fleming/Jeanice Reiri/Marie Kinloch/Lee-Ann Moana with Mavis Mullins, Megan Shirley, Open woolhandlers Henderson/Fleming/Ratima/Kumeroa, Chas Tohiariki, Blue Jeans, Darin Forde, Dig Balme and Joshua, MacDonald/Mitchell in kilts, Lani Kennedy, Nathan Stratford, Hamish Mitchell, Chris Eddy, Alan MacDonald, Gavin Mutch/Neil Fagan/Regan Duffy/David Hodge.


Vol 18 No 2 August 2001: Gina Nathan/Gloria Shelford, David Fagan, NZ Champs seniors Scott Gerke/George Paparahi/Mathew Darke/Colin Meads (guest)/Neil Fagan/Chas Tohiariki/Dean Cox, Peter Lyon/Ron Davis, Lynn and Alan Maxwell and kids, CHB shearers and woolhandlers at Waipukurau, Smith gang at Wairoa, Waina Peneha (not!), Alan MacDonald/Roger Pearse/Lee Ann Moana, Darin Forde, Chas Tohiariki/Dean Cox, Stephanie hay/Molly Te Huia/Bill Birdsall/Tahliah Takiwa, foot and mouth pix, Joanne Kumeroa, Paul Avery, David Fagan, Carlos Brown, Kataraina Stoney, Chrissy Ropata, Sunbeam team Allan Campbell et al, Rodney Sutton, Clifford Hawk, Allan Jones/Peter McGregor (Glengyle Knitwear), Master shearers Avery/Wilson/Brennan, Ross Thompson, Dean Cox, Darin Forde.


Vol 18 No 3 November 2001: Tamanui/Capill and Carla Reti, Hilton Barrett wigged, Fergusson/Forde/Fagan/Jeff Crengle, MacLeod/Kumeroa, Rutherford/Fergusson, Gina Nathan, Darin Forde, Bunzy Campbell, Jimmy Barnett, Judy Reiher, Crengle/Summers, Dean Drysdale/Una Cameron, Darin Forde at Naracoorte, David Fagan, Fagan and GS open finalists/Helen Clark, Jan Johnson, Dwayne Black team 8-hr record, Stan Kingham, Gavin Mutch, models at Omarama, Bill Michelle, Lilly Casserly (asleep), Bill and Viki Jones, Bill Birdsall, WoolPro day at Hastings, Ronny Hill blade gang at Huxley Station, Spain and Smith at Birchwood, Stringer gang at Glencaine and Bendu, Willie Power/Russell Knight/John Kirkpatrick anors, Russell Knight/Boy Elers, Marianne Harrison ay Olrig.


Vol 18 No 1 April 2002: Kirkpatrick family, Adam Brausch/Ross Brausch/Wal Wallace, Kataraina Stoney, Kirkpatrick/Bill English, Forde/McCrea, Kirkpatrick and open finalists, Ron Davis, Dean Cox, David Fagan, Koro Mullins and Japanese, Sharon Lawton, Joanne Kumeroa, Peter and Jason Casserly at Dunstan Peaks, Peter Casserly, O’Shaughnessy/King/Donaldson/McSkimming/Brough/Bishop at Murray’s 70th birthday, Brough/McSkimming and Sharne, Tom Dodd, Ana Keefe/Jens Leria, Hugh Galvan, Bruce Rogers, Pork Hutchison gang at Mohakatino, Joe Clarke, Mahony gang Leah Paki/John Kirkpatrick/Dion King/Lucia Pereka, Awhina de Seymour, Serena Harris, Johnny Powers, Jackie Kirk, Dion King, Dave Collet, Suffolk England setup, Perthshire shearers, Mac Potae.


Vol 18 No 2 August 2002 (first edition Last Side Publishing): Gus Hills Red Rig gang, Des Williams, Dave Davan gang at Aurere, sheep at Roxburgh, young men gone, Tom Wilson, Andrew Dodds/Kirkpatrick/Wilson/Fagan/Mitchell, Buchanan, David Fagan, Morrinsville open McCabe/Gerke/Sean Edmonds/Alan Small, Emily Woodward, Darren Gerke/Craig Bowering/Ken Massey/Ian Massey, Frank Te Hau/Sonny Marshall/Butch Kingi, Gary Lyons, Casey Hall (Heiniger), Collins Brown gang at Lagoon Hills incl David Reiri, Andy Mainland, Spain and Smith gang at Te Mara Station, Peter O’Toole, Dave Cotton gang at Waipori Farm, Tangiia Unu, Darin Forde/Princess Otago, Mark Brabant, Paul Avery, John Hutchinson, Ronnie Goss, Te Kuiti statue, Alan MacDonald, Castlepoint lighthouse, Canterbury blade finalists, Jills Angus Burney/Laurie Keats, Mavis Mullins and Ailsa Fleming, McSkimming Memorial Trophy, Lagoon Hills, Richard Sampey/Myra Fitzgerald, Sheree Alabaster/ Kataraina Stoney/David McLean, Heath Kingston, That Guy, Colin Old, Paul Gavegan, Kevin Sarre, Chris Minke/Graham Crisp and Iconix FX15, McSkimming/Morrison /Rutherford/Potae/Te Kapa.


Vol 18 No 3 November 2002 (50th edition): Dion Morrell, Brian Murray, Peter Lyon gang at Walter Peak, Garth and Goz on the barbie, Hop Haare chilling out, Mereana and Ted Loose, Viaduct Basin, Ivor Duffield, Hilton Barrett, Dave Summers, Beau Guelfi, Kevin Hart, McConachie gang at Ryal Bush, Kura Kingi/Mere Kelsey/Donna Martin, Sunday at the Ranch with Ray Hona etc, David Grace ancient shearing table, Hunting history, Chris Minke, John Conaghan, NZ team at Esperance, Ronnie Goss/Tina Rimene, Dwayne Black/Edsel Forde/Mike Henderson/Troy Stansbury, Shane Casserly, Trevor Bacon family, Sharon Lawton, Rachel Godsall, Dion Morrell, Stewart Weir, Weir/O’Shaughnessy, John Fagan gives Rudi Harding haircut at Benneydale, Jamie McKnight, Poverty Bay show photo essay (5 pix), Andrea Goodman, Sonny Marshall and gang at AJ Tapp's, dirty gear at the border, Old woolshed, John Conlan, Tony Cook, Mike Stephens, open blade finalists at Canterbury, Open shearers at Canterbury, Bernie Walker and Furlonge memorial.


Vol 19 No 1 April 2003: Ivan Bowen, Tom Martyn/Peter Lewer, Nick Nicholson, sheep, Lance Waddell, Golden Shears intermediate finalists Jones/Mita/Mainland/Ferguson/ Hales/Paewai and Steve Foster Trust House, Leah Brensell, Rob Thomson gang at Tahora Saddle, Sebastien Gallice, Johnson Moletsane, John Wright, Myra Collier, Jeremy Goodyer, woolhandling judges and committee at Southern Shears, junior shearers at Riversdale, open finalists at Lumsden with Don Agnew, Tom Hinch, record men Dion King, Patrick Malgase, Sean Edmonds, Justin Bell, Tony Lock, Cartwright terry/Owen Booth/Mark Tomsett/Craig Stephenson, Clarke shearing gang at Dannevirke, incl Hine McLaren, Sam Welch and Alan Clarke, John McBride/Clint Bellamy, old wool press/bar table, David McNay/David Fagan, old shed Falkland Islands (Bill Shaw), sheep in paddock, Clint Bellamy gang at Makahu, incl Rod Baldock, Christine Burd, Paul Avery, Wal Bellamy and Clint, MacRobert Theatre (world champs venue Edinburgh), Paul Bowen and friends at Ackers property (50th anniversary of Godfrey’s world record, Paul Bowen, Jim Barnett gang at Ohau Downs, Tauranga juniors Debbie Fagan/Harold Peri/Russell Brown/Ringo Edmonds, Dean Ball, Doug Oliver and kids, Oldies at Marton Ted Kelly/Murray Ellery/Dave Bell/Tom Martyn, Mackintosh gang at Motukawa incl Larry Clark, Ian Takarangi and Daniel Hodgson, Mark Herlihy, Justin Pakeho, Linda Otimi, David Fagan at Calgary, Shear Express model, Phillip Skewes, Mac Potae’s unveiling, Rory O’Malley, Quinney Olsen’s wedding, Russell Cannon/George Davies (Lister), Ken Stan-Bishop, Rob Deverall gang last shearing at Hugh Carroll’s, oldies mystery photo.


Vol 19 No 2 August 2003: Dion Morrell, Jacob breed sheep, Robertson gang at Mount Gowrie, incl Jude Gamble and Jude Kinaston, Ian Kneen, Jumeroa/Tango/MacNeil, world finalists Fagan/Wilson/Ball/Beynon/Lloyd/McCullough, Anne Lambie/Nancy Rovde, world blade finalists Ntsombo/Hans/Nkomoyi/Race/Michelle/McKellar, new Evo, De Kapa/Fagan at Lochearnhead, Gavin Rowland/Judith Brown, Grant Smith/Norm Harraway/ Warren Stirling, Kelvin Whall/Peter Taylor, Clifford Hawk’s big sheep, John Cameron property at Killen (2), Alison McNeil, Kiwi girls with Todd Blackadder, Lazlo Halasi, Peter Nitz, Ottmar Just, Paul Harris gang at Hurunui, Peter Lyon gang at Mount Nicholas, Georgette Kaa, Ron Hill, Ger Heraty, George Irwin, Ron Davis/Todd Blackadder/John Fagan, Audrey Tamanui/Colin MacGregor, Hendrik Botha/Phil O’Shaughnessy, Bronwyn Tango, John Hart/Elbert de Koning, Jim Barnett/Lawrence Reweti, Jim Edmonds/Maxine Pue, Wayne Perkins/Stu Michelle/Kerry Brannigan, Mark Barrowcliffe/Jerome McCrea/Ewen Mackintosh, Garth and Patricia Hammond, Murray Greensill, Pat King, Potae gang at Argyle 1962, Bert Loffhagen, Eryl Williams, Steve Vickers.


Vol 19 No 3 November 2003: Mike Bool gang at Glenmore Station, Barry Taylor, Waimiere Hakaraia, Warren Stirling gangs at Clarke’s Boggy Burn and Keen’s Centre Bush, Mike Bool gang at Omarama, Past champions at Aria, Open gang at Maurice Curtins, Geoff Holmes and family, Dave Summers, Colin Quinn/Joe Paewai, Tony Stuart, Sara Kara, Geoff Holmes, NZ team at Esperance, Steve Vickers, Norman Roos gang at Roxburgh, Mike Bool, Jim and Rob Macdonald, Jim Macdonald, Potae gang at Beaumont, Andrew Noone, George Potae, Ken Fagan EIEIO, Wunghnu (one ewe), Judy Cocks, Musgrave mug, Don Dog, Kevin Stevenson/Tim Shadbolt, Raelene Howes/Marg Forde, Koro Mullins/Keith Wilson, Daniel Nteko, mystery photo Simon Harrison anors.


Vol 20 No 1 April 2004: Sarre statue and family, Koro Mullins/David Fagan 15th GS open, Keats/Walker, Tom Fleming/Alan Sheppard/Waina Peneha, Rangatira speedshear prize winners, Tectra pre-shears course at Nga Wai Station, Janet and Rob Deverall, Bill Michelle (2), Brausch/Humphrey/Miller/Ferguson/Hefin Jones, Rob Deverall/Trevor Clist/Blair McCarroll, Delwyn Jones, Sean Edmonds, Joanne Kumeroa with Jamie and Walter at Gala dinner, Jerome McCrea, best locals at Aria Tohengaroa/Hegglin/Percival/Darke with Walter Smith, Loder’s sheep, John Stringer gang at Dome Hills, Steve Ryan, Geriatrics at Colac Bay, juniors at Otorohanga Mark Grainger/Te Rangi Marshall/Gareth Macrae/Jordan Marshall/Josh MacDonald, Libby and Sheree Alabaster, Cody Waihape, Elsia Biernacki, Jill Hewitt, Lance Armstrong, Opae Steedman at Taihape, Screamer Mike Maihi with Tuma Mullins, Koro Mullins John Harrison, Peter Lange champion bowler, Carl Nordqvist, Sarre statue, Bill Sheppard gang at Kurow, Mark Baldwin gang at Tocumwal (2), Edwin Adams/Maurice Megahey, Matthew Trolove, Ryan Miller, Rowland Smith, Roger Cox/Norm Blackwell/Kerry Johnstone.


Vol 20 No 2 August 2004: Delwyn Jones with HMQ, Bing Macdonald/Alan MacDonald, Bing Macdonald and ribbons, David Fagan, High country, Phil Seymour, Lance Waddell/Willie Horner, Teenybopper gang incl Adam Hawkins, Laraine and Ron Summerfield, Shearing sports examiners meeting (3 pix), Wesley Cave at Royal Welsh, Waddell/Fagan/Avery, Shrek, Jerry Austin on Campbell Island, Anne Lloyd, Loren Opstedahl, Ed Morrow, Ratima family, Hilary Gietzen, Mackintosh gang at Otiwhiti Station, Big Jo Lamont/Stu Brown and boys, Hape gang photo at Brooklands Station, Noel Handley, Jim Morris, E Llewellyn Evans and Bryan Williams, William Troup, Contractors AGM pix Raelene McConachie/Stu Wilson/Trish Rangi, Taylor Munro/Benita Cairns, Mike Bool/John Bruce, Elsie Lyon/Cheryll Traill, Maurice and Barbara Ball, Bing Macdonald, Clive Dalton, Ray Dunick, John Caunder, Mike Martindale, judging at Calgary.


Vol 20 No 3 November 2004: Don Gaskell gang at Dave Carr’s, Tectra shearing school at Lochindorb, Kerry Stratford (2), Alan Hale (2), Grant Smith, Tina Rimene, Nathan Stratford/Mouse O’Neill/Waimiere Hakaraia/Taiwha Nelson, Graham Hay and Sonja, Mangatoi Station, Tom Brough and friends at Mangatoi, Colin King, Tony Matthews, shopping basket, Tina’s troupe at Christchurch, Dion King, Pete Chilcott, judges at Lochearnhead, Martin Carr/Georgette Kaa/Keryn Herbert/Jasmine Tipene/Kylie Flynn, Peter Lyon gang at Waikerikeri incl Hop Haare, David Fagan, Chris and Dwayne Black, Integrity Shearing at Mount Linton (2 pix), Chris/Gwenda/Kirsty Jones, former champions of Wales, Troy Pyper at Royal Welsh, Jason Price, Heiniger Harley, Six-stand gang 1991, Cody Waihape, Sam Duckmanton, Emarina Watson, Noel Handley, Bill Michelle blazer, Grant Smith/Kirkpatrick/Coster/Hough at Christchurch.


Vol 21 No 1 April 2005: Paul Avery and Colin Meads, Laurie Keats, Mavis Mullins, Sally Davies, ceramic cutter, Southern boys six-stand at Wairaki Anderson/Rutherford/Clarke /Forde/Gutsell/Devery, Gina Nathan, Ian and Shirley Harrison/John Allan, Philip Morrison/Anna Hayes, easy shearing sheep, Orepuki Hotel speedshear Barrett youngster and Cody Waihape with Phil Sellwood, woolhandlers at Lumsden incl Raelene McConachie, Tiana Tohiariki, Justin Bell record (4 pix) incl Jeff Dorset/Wai Whitiwhiti/David Gordon, Jerome McCrea and Lane McSkimming with Tom Brough and book, Adam Weguelin, 4-yr-old Jack Brown, John Tangney, Doug Rathke/Charlie Swaim, Robert McLaren, Wairoa intermediates Leonard Grant/Wiki Thompson/Wesley Cave/Phil Kerley, Tectra course in Southland incl Chas Tohiariki (overseas shearers), Herb Hutchins and Aussie Shrek, Bill Shaw gang in Falklands, Southland Shears 2005 incl John Kirkpatrick, Governor-General and Gordon Pope, Fizzer (Wayne McLeod) with Tina Rimene, Dave Polson/Tom Blee, Chris Toet, Sherre Alabaster, Phil Bee’s barbie, Joe Mogford gang at Waewaepa, Murray Dowling jet boat Waiau River with Hog and Brendon, Robert Hudson, Shearers at Tauranga Show incl Mainland, Kingston, Smyth, Hales, Catrin Owen and Cave.


Vol 21 No 2 August 2005: Joanne Kumeroa/Tina Rimene, Matt Mainland/Andy/Mrs, Jenny Harraway at Toowoomba, Cookie at Lochiel, Shannon Warnest, Elliot Ntsombo/Lyle Rea, Kumeroa/Rimene, Baldwin/Artridge/Brooker, Juliette Whitley/Dot Murphy, George Graham/Phil O’Shaughnessy, Roy Davies/Hans Wigren, Lyle Rea, John Ferguson and friends, Methven in March, Bruce Lilley, Ant Frew, Lyn Fergusson, Jackie Thompson, Mike Henderson gang at Oneriri, Jamie Fleming, Dwayne Black/Kerry McGawley (2), singlets in Waitaki bar, Phillip Skewes gang in NSW, John Conlan gang at Lockerbie, John Kennedy/Donny Hammond/Peter Casserly at Toowoomba, Abra and Brown gear collection, Nigel Brown in Wales, Richie Maguire/Sonny Ngaia, Aimee McGregor, Kristin Davies, Southern Shears 40 years, Lisa Fagan, Tracie Hicks, Kirkpatrick/Rush/Fagan, Tia Potae/Kelly McDonald/Mark Purcell/Christina Denholm, Supershear boys at Toowoomba, Mavis Mullins/Alan Frazer/Mike Petersen, Stewart Weir/Hendrik Botha/Bernie Walker, Scots at Lochearnhead Mitchell/Mutch/Dodds/Fagan/Ball/Chris Donnelly.


Vol 21 No 3 November 2005: John Kennedy/Nathan Stratford, John Kennedy, “Tri-Nations gang and Mark Baldwin at Coonong Merino Stud, Don Toshach/Chips Reid, James Reeves, Russell Bryant/Ken Fergusson, Ken Fergusson/Mrs Alison Ferguson, Moira Hammonds/Alastair Eckhoff/Chantahl Stedman, Alexandra timekeepers, Heiniger backs senior shearers, Brian Quinn, Logan Quinn, Ash Murray, senior woolhandlers Hanatia Tipene/Joel Henare/Sara Kara/Aroha Ryan and Anna Hayes, Daniel McIntyre, Doug Herbison, Poverty Bay Shears Jerry Collins/Ma’a Nonu and Ailsa Fleming, Jess Rutene, Tia Potae, Megan Fleming, Terry and Svarn Cresswell, woolhandling judges at Southern Shears, Master blaster in plaster, Paul Rose, New Zealand team world champs 2003, three O’Neill boys at Christchurch, Topp twins at Christchurch, Pahauwera gang at Kokohu Station, David Wyllie, Hilary Gordon/Jayne Harkness, Kiwis at Lochearnhead, Shane Harvey, Peter Harvey, Jimmy Clark, Emma Welch gang central plateau, Lionel Bugden and boys at Christchurch, Dwayne Black/Edsel Forde/Deb Chandler, Samson Te Whata gang at Irishman’s Creek, Colin King and Kate Wilkinson at Christchurch Show, Pix from Toowoomba incl Grub and Craig Johnson of Courela, Noel Handley, Topp Twins woolhandling.


Vol 22 No 1 April 2006: Takitimu mountains, Ivan Bowen 90th, Tina/Mavis and Joanne with Michael and Julie Campbell Maori Sports Awards, Barry Pullin, Mark Fox, Dion King, Tawake Matene, Rochee Collier, Tuatapere three-stand pix (6), Eastern Shearing gang at Mandeville, Tia Potae/David Anderson/Ronnie Goss, Waimate boys at GS, Loren Opstedahl, Eddie Maihi gang at Pearces’s Waitotara Valley, David Fagan, Tuerong gear collection sold (2 pix), Eastern Shearing gang at Currie’s Rosehill, Rod Sutton’s big day out (2 pix), SSNZ meeting with Meat and Wool NZ incl Selwyn Williams, John Fagan, Gavin Rowland, Ewen Mackintosh and Alan Frazer, Joe Tawa/Grant Hadfield/Mavis Mullins, Laurie Keats, NZ and British teams at Taumarunui incl Arwyn Jones, Watchorn crew at Mamaku, Herb Hutchins, Megan Glasson/John Pomare/Kiri Bond, Kelly McDonald/Michelle Kaa/Aroha Ryan, guys out the back at GS incl Frank Flipp, Bruce Christensen and Fiona, Allan Scott gang at Glenmore Station, Matt Te Pou/Joseph Stephens, Dave Davan gang at Pakaraka, Dahm and Brough gang at Glenbrook, pen boys at Mt Linton three-stand, Te Puke Shears photo essay (6 pix) incl. Bronco Carson/Jason Wynyard and David Bolstad.


Vol 22 No 2 August 2006: Bjerkreim,, rough shorn sheep, Nick Nalder gang at Takaka Hill, Erin Nalder in the wool, SSNZ delegates at Palmerston North, Conservation Board at Kuaotunu kiwi zone, Victor McLean, Shear Outback visitor centre, Laurie Bateman, British team at Taumarunui 2006, Bonnie Morrison, Hec Oliver/Dig Balme, Tweet Bird, Lorraine Roberts/Ivan Bowen, Tony Coburn’s missing metal, James Reeves and junior woollies at Raglan, Shear Grunt eliminator, Angelique Gage, Clint Ratima, Eugene Walker, Woodward and Leigh father and daughter teams (2 pix), Maaka Rangiwai/Stewart Smith/Camillus Mulholland/Finn Butler/Joel Barton, Hayley Holm/Hanatia Tipene, Jills Angus Burney/Fiona Brackenridge, Gavin Mutch/Alan Wright/Grant Lundie with Bobby McLarty at Martel, Irene Bleach, Frank Bint/David Baigent/Chris Jones/Sam Win at Murchison, Keith Munro/Mick McMaster (Southern Shears life membership), Gavin Rowland.



Vol 22 No 3 November 2006: Snow Quinn and Supermum, Paul Kahukura gang at Spenneyworth, incl Ross Naylor, Maniototo Combined gang at McMillan farm, incl Ted Pu, Kevin Bunn, Bruce Muir/David Fagan, Isis Downs (3 pix), The ranch, Pic Sweeney/Norman Sanson/George Potae/Len Davis, Munro gang at Glen Nui Station, Dave Davan gang at Pakaraka, Taiwha Nelson throwing merino fleece, Nathan Stratford winner Alexandra, Colin MacGregor/David John/Alan Derryman, Pete Chilcott and big fish, Rob Parkinson gang at Ruatiti Station, Boydie Ormond/Kevin Stokes, Shelford Ngarangione getting tips from David Fagan, Bonnie Fogerty, Jack Dowd, Josh Harrison with Heiniger pendulum box, Tectra shearing course at Alabasters, incl Russell Knight and Justin Bell, Ross Thompson/Carl Goodman/Shannon Warnest, New Zealand team and John Wright at Hay, Grant Lyon (4 pix).


Vol 23 No 1 April 2007: Huia Whyte-Puna, Neil Fagan gang at Mangapehi, Pro-Shear gang at The Lakes Station, Stewart Symon (2 pix), Lionel Stone and John Kirkpatrick, Milton RSA speedshear, Paul Avery and girls, Angus Moore, George Potae (2 pix), Colin Meads at Edendale crankup, Artistic fleece DianeManson, GS pix Lee Paku/Jeremy Goodyer/Allan Williams, Samson Te Whata and Zeb Aporo, Jake Moore, Dion King/Stratford/James Fagan/John Wright, sheep advertising in the Netherlands, Adam Brausch/Ringa Paewai/Lui Paewai/Justin Meikle at Balclutha, Tony Lock, John Turipa, Norman Samson, Anita Gare/Roxanne Roxburgh/Ruth Reedy, Dion King lamb record (5 pix), Robbie Bush, Hape gang at White Rock Station, Beni Maguire, Alan Buckman/Joel Henare/Dianna Jannett, Rod Sutton/Mark Baldwin, Frankie Stevens/Ross MacDonald, Fagan/Avery/Kirkpatrick, new judges Errol Tuhi/Eugene King/Ronny King/Bill Gaskill, American winners Mark Hoogendoorn/ Davin Perrin/Alex Moser, Tom Jowsey/Joe Te Kapa, Rick MacLeod/Darryl Hart, Mavis Mullins/Phil Bridgman, Craig Cooper/Rusty Campbell, Tina Rimene/Larnie Morrell/Pagan Rimene.


Vol 23 No 2 August 2007: Ainsley gang at Minty’s Tectra blade course at Kowhai Downs, Pullin gang at Homebush, self-shearing sheep, East Loddon (2 pix), Australian Hall of Fame incl Jack Cameron, Mason’s Bay woolshed, Lex Jury/Paul Rutherford, Ant Frew, John Perriam/Graeme Bell/Lorraine Graham, Samuel and Michael Taylor, Ruth Dyson, Colin Watson-Paul kids at Flaxmere (2 Pix), Ivan Bowen’s Wolseley medals, Big day out at Ohai (2 pix), NZ Contractors’ Assn executive incl Ivan Letchford, sheep’s marbles, Henshaw cartoon, John Wright, Des Templeton, Colin King MP, Lance Downs, Carl Hayman, Ernie Mason (2 pix), Carolyn Longden, Fagan/Avery and Sidwell at Great Yorkshire, Bronwyn Tango, Ainsley gang pix at Minty’s incl AJ Cherry, Kuini Hume, Gary Bright.


Vol 23 No 3 November 2007: Bill Morrison, Tuta Wilkie gang at Manga Station, Emily Welch, Marie Kinloch, Tania Holden, Peter Lyon gang at Stonehenge, Shane Harvey family in USA, Ewen Macdonald, Shane Harvey at Calgary, Bill Morrison (2 pix), Maremma dogs, Philisea Pomare, Oti Mason/Aria Mullins/Ailsa Fleming, Mana Island sheep, David Grant/Laurie Bateman record incl judges (3 pix), North Island team at Gore incl Angelique Gage, SSNZ AGM and Audrey Tamanui presentation, Les Bevan at Horrells, Reg Benjamin rally driver, old sheds at Tolaga Bay and Te Waewae Bay, Life members badge for Don Moffat, Alpacas at Mystery Creek incl James and Debbie Land (5 pix), NZ Merino Shears 2007 (4 pix) incl Joe Paewai/Jills Angus Burney, Stratford team and junior woollies, senior finalists and teams for Alexandra/Bendigo challenge, Bertie Ngarangione, Josh Kennedy, Wai Whitiwhiti, Tamanui/Rowland/Fagan/Hough, McCarroll/Chamberlain, Murray Dowling, James Power, Peter Butler, young faces from the husband shop, Tuta Wilkie, Lee Gray, Te Atakura Karaka, Baynes family, Lindsay Brown and Jei Kwjuan, Dianne Manson pix from Walter Peak incl Rose McGee, Clayton McGee.


Vol 24 No 1 April 2008: Emily Welch/Dig Balme, Potae gang at Dodds property, Danny Scott and Maysen, Ian O’Connor/Trevor Clarke/Dafydd Lewis/Mark Rosborough, John Kirkpatrick/Colin King, Jude Kinaston, Hec Oliver, Ivan Bowen, John Allan book, Dave and Jeanne Turner, stretching exercises (7 pix), Joe Paewai, Emily Welch, Hazel Riseborough, David Fagan and dog, Peter Jackson and Darnell Kennedy, shoulder exercises (9 pix), Keith Foster gang at Peel Forest, Paul Avery and Taranaki Sportsman awards, Jimmy Clark/Craig Anderson, McCarroll/James Fagan/Guelfi/Neil, Phil O’Shaughnessy/Sam Saunders, Phil Garland/Milton Taylor/Roger Lusby, Frank Bunce/Ratu Peri, NZ Champs woolhandlers incl Aunty Mere, NZ Champs pix (6) incl Davy Garland, Lachie Baynes, Gina Nathan, John Kirkpatrick, MWNZ finalists and NZ vs UK teams.


Vol 24 No 2 August 2008: Mana Te Whata/Ivan Letchford/Brian Cleaver, Michael Roxburgh gang, Doug Laing, Des Allen, Tuppal woolshed (3), Kent show open finalists 2004 incl Fagan and Avery, Sheep, bogghi lizard and handpiece, Leanne Bertram/Bronwyn Tango/Kirsty McDonald, Rob Macdonald, Western Shears vets incl Rob Macdonald, Jim Smith and sons (3 Pix), Julian Stone, John Nicholls, Nigel Brown, senior woollies NZ Champs 2008 Rocky Hape-Taite/Donna Martin/Aria Mullins/Choppy Pattison/Delany Marshall, Joanne Kumeroa, Sheree Alabaster, Mullins family with Elvis, Brendon Boyle/Clem Henry/Michael Lawrence, Stephen Trangmar, Lord Ted and Doug Lang, Tom Mandeno/Joel Henare/John Kirkpatrick, drafting gate memorial, Trans Tasman Contractors conference pix (5).



Vol 24 No 3 November 2008: Paul Avery/Avery and Kirkpatrick/Sheree Alabaster/Alabaster and Joanne Kumeroa, Bill Sheppard gang, Tony Brennan/Keith Wilson, Avery and Kirkpatrick, Alabaster and Kumeroa, Matson quarters, Wool bales wrongly clipped (4), Kevin Elton/Artie Jonkers, Albury gang Mt Nessing 1991, merino clips (3), Stu Smith, Smoko shearing machine, Colorado pix (2), Vincent rainbird, teddy bear shearing, Supermum, John W Davis, Harry Parke, John Mead/Joyce Cosgrove/Stephen Shearer, Chris Thurston, Doug Holmes, Phil Garland, Lisa Fagan, John Kirkpatrick/Princess Anne, Past champions Christchurch, Graeme Martin/Barry Taylor, Bill Michelle, John Kirkpatrick/Onar Lima, Paul Avery, Sheree Alabaster, Peter Race, Shannon Warnest/Joanne Kumeroa.



Vol 25 No 1 April 2009: Ivan Scott/Justin Bell, Ingrid and Margie Baynes, Dale Taylor gang photo, David Fagan 16th Goldies, Goodger bros at Golden Shears, Simon Goss/David Gordon/Manahi Fox, Central HB YFC team 1961 Tony Lock et al, Issiah Niblet, Waitaki Shearing team (Murphys), Naue Marshall, Bruce Clement, Vern Pegler, Malcolm Fraser/Brendan Kelly (BISCA), Sophie McSkimming, Steve Harnett, Angus Moore, Poverty Bay Shearing/Proudfoot gang at Tangihau Station, Ron Hill, Peter Race, merino fleece, NZ and Welsh teams at Te Kuiti, Ross MacDonald/Ed Morrow, NZ Junior woolhandlers, Brendan Graham (Ireland), Rob Parkinson, Avery/Cox, Smith boys, Lyon staff at Tectra course Glen Dene Station, Ingrid and Margaret Baynes (record), Kerri-Jo Te Huia, Ivan Scott, Gina Nathan (obituary), Dirk the German shearer, O’Neill family at Patearoa.


Vol 25 No 2 August 2009: Laurie Keats, John Kirkpatrick, Steve Cottrell, Ian Itter and John Wolseley, Yamma woolshed, George Potae, Joe Clarke and Mere Thompson, Bill Michelle, Gina Nathan, Henry Cross, Golden Shears open champions 1961-1997, Kerry Brannigan, Sunny Kumeroa, Ivan Bowen on stage 1997, badly hooked bales, Mike Bool blade gang at Simon’s Hill Station, Keith Cowan, Wolseley medals, Newstead shed, John and Kerry Mason, Jacob Power, Clarissa Lewis, Kelly Hokianga, Steve Pittaway, Lyon gang at Craiglea, Royal Welsh Show venue, Archie Paterson at Lochearnhead, New Zealand team at Lochearnhead, shearers at Stewart Island, Peter Lyon and Ron Davis NZSCA life members


Vol 25 No 3 November 2009: Australian team at Glen Innes 2001, John Quirke, TNT Shearing gang at Hunter Valley, Wool boat at Akitio, Nick Manukau and Raewyn Fowler, Jamie McConachie and Ranfurly Shield, Joanne Kumeroa, Pania Eriha, Millbrook shed, Nathan Stratford, Tina Rimene and Robyne Murray with Gina Nathan memorial trophy, Simon Ward, Derek Kirkland, Angelique Gage, Teddy bear shearers, Scotty Selwyn and Doug with PGG Wrightson car, Sid and Judith Wormald, Chips Reid and friends, Les Seary (2), Matene mason, David Henshaw and Clive Dalton, Farrell Chrystal gang at Kahuranaki Station, Andrew Mudge and Lister centennial, Doug Rathke and Gavin McKerrow, Photo essay from Alexandra 2009 (Ekkie, Rapa Jackson eta al).


Vol 26 No 1 April 2010:  Cam Ferguson, photo essay from Golden Shears (Mavis Mullins, Sir Anand Satyanand, Graham Clegg, Gilbert James, John Hutchinson et al), Tenuia (Boy) Rua, John Harris, Mark Barrowcliffe gang at Ballantynes, David Gordon, mark Gillgren, Golden Oldies at Masterton (2 pix), Matt Smith, Utiku Shearing gang at Tikapu Station, Tom Forde with Darin and Bernadette, James Fagan grinding technique, The catch German style, Ken and Sue Ballantyne, Jason Ballantyne, Krissy Quinn and Brian Armstrong  (with Ngatoa Ngauru) at Ballantynes, Ian Harrison, Rodney Macdonald and Marie Clarke at Lucindale, Wool pockets at Ahuriri, Danny Holland, Brian Thomson, Raymond Heke, Allan Gemmell and Jim Barnett, Dave MacPherson and girlfriends at Golden Shears, Rob Cooper, Colin Watson-Paul and William, Tracey Dowd anors at Te Mata, Nathan Gleeson at Raglan, Brian Edmonds, Jim Mitchell, Shear Expertise crew at Western Shears, David Fagan, Jerome McCrea, Davy Garland, Joel Henare, photo essay from New Zealand championships incl Simon and Sarah Goss, Tony Hodge, Jeremy Johnston and Kaycee Herdman.


Vol 26 No 2 August 2010: BJ Lochore anors at Shear history book launch, Nick Nicholson anors, Paddy Mathias, Richie Gould, Steve Burdon, Bill Potae and Ivan Letchford, Cheryl Christie anors at Rakaia River, Don Hayes and Lance Degenhardt (Aussie delegates at NZSCA conf.; Mark Gillgren cutting Wayne Carroll’s hair, Cam Ferguson Elliot Ntsombo and Bronwyn Tango at world champs, Dave and Mrs Stansbury, June Heatherington, Farming family and Bill Richards, Matthew Evans (Wales), Tectra modern apprentices at Raukawa, John Hodder, Ray Alabaster and Eddie Reidy, Bill Michelle and Willie McSkimming, Aussie contractors Graeme Griffiths, Kelvin King and John Evans, Willie (the) Wiltshire, Malcolm Ryall, Adrian Cox and speed boat passengers at Rakaia, Highfield shearing shed, Gang photo Tony Chamberlain at Hunters, Cam Ferguson, Allen Gemmell, Willie Hewitson, David Fagan and Ricky Thompson Jnr, Allan Scott and Stuart Matthews (WA contractor), Alun Williams (Lister), Reunionists at Woodlyn Park, Barry Woods aka Billy Black.


Vol 26 No 3 November 2010: Nobby the ram (Campaign for Wool), Mother and child re-ewenion, Russell Knight, Tom Wilson, Ogemaw County Fair participants (Jim Bristol et al), Ratima “Portastand”, Kelly Hokianga, William Day 1911), North Tuppal shed, Dan Cooper’s medal, Tom Wilson and Grant Smith Master shearers, Wally Richards, Jim Bristol, Swiss shovel, Max Endacott’s ute roof, The Seary boys, Ronny and Tracey Hill’s gang at Glen Lyon, Les Bevin, Cecil Ferguson and Ronga Cleaver, Portastand, NISSA charity photos, Northern Ireland circuit winners, Mike McConnell, Peter Lyon gang at Stonehenge, Bruce Davidson, Philippa Wright, Highway Shearing reunion Taumarunui (3), Bob the Builder, Hairy Potter and Santa Claus at Christchurch show, Kim and Bruce Rogers, Joel Maaka, Daniel Hodgson and Steve Towler, Leon and Lisa Mahu, Colleen and Bob Donaldson with Dave Gillett, Wally Scorrah, Potae Reunion photo essay.


Vol 27 No 1 April 2011: Paul Avery’s coast to coast team, Sheree Alabaster and Rowland Smith, intermediate finalists at NZ Champs, NISOY finalists at NZ champs, Darcene Ruru, Vinnie and Jeremy Goodger, Bruce Abbott in Argentina, Kohunui shed, Fagan gang at Kohunui, John Neill, Eli Cummings, Roger Leslie, John Kirkpatrick at Goldies, Jack Winks, Alton Devery and Sam Garrett, Phil O’Shaughnessy and Brian Cocks, Goss family, Dayna Te Aho with Tia and Monica, TK and Warrnambool teams, local contractors, Denise Murray (2), Ray Rose with Bernie Walker, Shane Rawlinson and Josef Schindler, Gordon Cahill, Ray Congdon, Donald Orgill, intermediates at Western Shears (Jack Fagan, Damon Macdonald, Robert Davidson, Paki Waerea, Dean Nelmes), Tauranga Shears no board judges, Shearing for Pike River, Fagan’s broken comb, open finalists at Tauranga (Balme umbrella), Lance and Jaden Waddell, Roger Sheary and Pitt Island sheep, Shun Oishi and Japanese students at Goldies, Jimmy Power, Doug Lambie with Falkland Islanders, Norman Roberts, Murray Johnstone, Rowland and Doug Smith, Cam Ferguson, Kim and Anna Hard, Ray Alabaster, Maori Sports Awards, Darin Forde, Guy brothers at NZ Champs, open woolhandlers at NZ Champs.


Vol 27 No 2 August 2011: Dave Bateman, Terry Parke, Allan Chips Reid, Clive Dalton and Susan Murray, Wool spinners Lilly Gable and Sylvia Sealey, Shane Rawlinson and Josef Schindler, Te Awarangi Radyn Puketapu-Pene, Richard Smith (2), Gareth Daniel and Alun Williams, Peter Lyon gang at Glen Ida, Adrienne Te Kiri throwing fleece, German sheep breed, Morton’s sheep dip, Mark and Brenda Barrowcliffe, Leonora and Dino Smith, Joe Te Kapa and david Fagan, Sheep in the city participants (Avery, Dobbs, King et al), Gang at Kim Duncan’s Pokaka property, Taihape, Dion Moreel crew with Drive-Pro, 1961 Golden Shears open finalists, Steven and Kataraina Stoney reading Shearing mag, sheep in yards, Erin Baker fund raising gang at Forest Home station, Owen (Baldy) Minchington and Darryn Eddington, Hugh McCarroll, Killeen woolshed, WoolQual circuit winners, Oldies at Colin Smith’s Endeavour Resort.


Vol 27 No 3 November 2011: Cover last shearing at Burtons, Damian Boyle, Ratapu Paikea, Bruce Paterson, Reg Direen and Sam Wormald, Shane Lamont, long and short tail docking, Mark Gillgren shearing Angoras, Rocky Hape-Taite and Jade Harmer-Kapa, The B-Team and Don Clark’s Carrick shed – Jade Harmer-Kapa, Bex Nelson, Rocky Hape-Taite, Creedence Culshaw, Bryanna O’Neal and Chey Smith; blood sucking parasites, Drysdale Estate shed near Euroa, Charlie O’Neill and Grant Smith, Peter Lyon gang at Loch Linnhe 2011; Roger Best, Car radio in shed, Don Morrison, Mark Baldwin and Doug Oliver, Past and present champions at Alexandra, Mouse Robertson gang photo, woolhandling judges at Alexandra, Conor English, Rugby world cup speed shearers, Rob Jones and the Big Issue, Mike McConnell and Brian Thomson, Simon Averill, Charis Morrell teddy bear shearer, Shannon Warnest, Brian Holden, Haiden Kerr, Gary Sobye, Russell Brown, Tipene Te Whata and Gail Carr, Horomona Paatu, Burton brothers photo essay.


Vol 28 No 1 April 2012: Mavis Mullins and George Graham (cover), Gavin Mutch, Joel Henare, world blade finalists, Hendrik Botha and Mayenzeke Shweni, Rebecca Romney, NZ world champs team 2012, John Kirkpatrick and John Key, Edwin Perry, Stacey Te Huia and Sam Welch, Ivan Scott, Dean Te Huia and Kerri-Jo, Taratahi students with Grizz fair and Sam Saunders, Robin Middleton, Evan Jones, Matson shearing crew and Cris Hina fundraising, resident woolhandlers at Golden Shears, Edsel Forde and Chris Lascelles, Angel Spooner, Colin MacGregor and John McBride, Tom Wilson and John Conlan, Loren Opstedahl and Kevin Ford, Welsh chidren doing homework, Mike Bool blade gang at The Wolds, Mullins gang at Te Kumi Station, Vanessa Te Whata and Fiona walker, Nathan Stratford, Kim Sowry, Sam Brooks and family at Tauranga, Lungi and Rose McGregor, Tony Coster and Pauline Bolay, Clive Dalton, Tom Fleming, Peter Carver, Stu Munro at Utiku, Wendy Campbell, Boof Bateman, Jimmy Mott.


Vol 28 No 2 August 2012: Rowers and shearers (cover),