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    Last Side to Glory (ISBN 0-908790-27-9)

    Des Williams & Margaret Way - 1991

    This fascinating history of the first 30 years of the Golden Shears Open Championship (1961-1990) published in 1991 has become a classic piece of shearing industry literature. Last Side to Glory features in-depth interviews with many legends of the handpiece including Ivan Bowen, Bing...

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    World Shearing Championships 2017


    - 2017

    World Shearing Championships 2017 at Invercargill. Souvenir programme contains full history of all world championships since 1977. Available from Last Side Publishing at $10 per copy plus postage

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    Gone West for the Shearing (ISBN 0-473-01907-08)

    Des Williams - 1993

    A Silver Jubilee Review of the Western Shears at Raglan 1969-1993, this book by Des Williams summarises the competition on a year-by-year basis, from its beginnings at the old Raglan school site to its status as one of the few New Zealand shearing competitions able to boast ownership of its own purpose-built venue...

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    Top Class Wool Cutters (ISBN 0-473-03657-6)

    Des Williams - 2006

    Top Class Wool Cutters, written by Des Williams and published to coincide with the 1996 world shearing championships at Masterton's Golden Shears, is a compendium of information and stories providing just a glimpse into the world of shearers and...

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    Born to Thunder (ISBN 0-473-10929-8)

    Champions of New Zealand Cycling

    Des Williams - 2006

    Profiles of New Zealand’s champion cyclists since WWII. "There have been hundreds of books written about New Zealand's rugby and cricket heroes, but virtually nothing about our great cyclists. Des Williams has done a wonderful job with Born to Thunder in...

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    Scottie (ISBN 978-0-473-12852-4)

    Norman Harris - 2008

    Scottie is the story of 1960s athletic star, Neville Scott. It is a true story told with the style and pace of a fast-moving novel. Above all, it tells of the human spirit, of great ambition in conflict with weakness: a modern Greek tragedy but with a redeeming...

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    The Hole in the Bush (ISBN 978-0-473-15258-1)

    A Tuatapere Centennial Review

    Des Williams - 2009

    A history of Tuatapere schools and district, compiled by Des Williams for the Tuatapere School Centennial January 2010. 400 short stories, 500 photos. This 312 page book traces the development of Tuatapere and its surrounding district schools from 1901 and the township's first signs of...

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    Beyond Cook’s Gardens (ISBN 978-0473-16332-7)

    Norman Harris - 2010

    A Writer’s Journey – Memoirs of Norman Harris.

    "Add Norman Harris' name to the list of New Zealand sports-writing greats, a pantheon peopled by T.P. McLean, Dick Brittenden, Alex Veysey et al. His entertaining elegy to a golden sporting age...

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    What Are You Doing Out Here (ISBN 978-0473-16331-0)

    Heroism and Distress at a Cricket Test

    Norman Harris - 2010

    What are you doing out here (New Zealand RRP $24.99 plus postage) tells the story of how "two events, continents apart and spread over three days, merged into a moment of profound drama which has echoed through time in New Zealand. They were a cricket Test...

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    Shearing magazine (ISSN 0114-7811)

    Various - Edited by Des Williams - 2010

     Promoting the people involved in the shearing and wool industry. Published April, August & November each year.

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    When rugby became the game for all New Zealand

    Ron Palenski - 2017

    Noted rugby writer and historian Ron Palenski has produced the first in-depth account of New Zealand’s first-ever inter-provincial rugby match, between Auckland and Otago at Dunedin in September 1875. Available from Last Side Publishing at $20 plus $5 postage.

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    Mists of Te Urewera

    Hunting (tails) from the Bush

    Wilf Fuller - 2018

    Hunting (tails) from the Bush by Wilf Fuller of Murupara. 2018 . Available from Last Side Publishing at $35 per copy, includes postage.